NASCAR 2017: Las Vegas

March 8, 2017
by Lee

Sometimes I am not really sure where to begin. The Atlanta race last weekend was simply not that good. I enjoyed the fact that the tires wore out quickly, but the show was hard to watch with the stranglehold that Kevin Harvick had on the field all day long. As we all already know, he ended up pissing the race away with a speeding penalty on the last stop of the day. I further say Harvick got screwed out of the win by the 3 car not hitting pit road when he had an obvious problem and the car was not running. Brad Keselowski gets the benefit of Harvick speeding and Austin Dillon rolling past pit road without a running vehicle. Possibly should have been Larson with the win, but we get a Keselowski win. My lasting through from Atlanta is that Austin Dillon and his crew need some type of punishment for rolling past pit road when the car wasn’t running. That will not happen, but again my opinion.

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series rolls into Las Vegas this weekend, for another mile and half race track. This week we will go 400 miles instead of 500 as we ran in Atlanta. I have to say that I am not encouraged that we will see any better racing than what we saw last weekend. I have an expectation that one team is going to hit on the setup, and that is going to lead to one driver leading well over 3/4 of the laps. Maybe I will be incorrect with that prediction, but from what we saw in Atlanta, you hit the setup, your not going to be touched by the rest of the field.

With Las Vegas being this weekend, we got news today that the track located near Sin City will be getting a second weekend of events in 2018. Story is that New Hampshire will lose its second race date, which is also a Chase Race date. Its simple to see why this is occurring. Las Vegas is a destination city. There is a lot that brings people to the town, attending the race is not the only attraction. Attending New Hampshire, not sure what else is there to do. Sorry folks in New Hampshire, I am sure there is plenty to do there, I am just not aware of it. The end reason for this change is money to satisfy shareholders of SMI that they are doing what they can to generate higher revenue, hence more profit.

The problem I have with this move is that it puts yet another mile and a half track in The Chase for 2018. Now, this might be negated by the rumors that Charlotte is going to utilize their infield road course in The Chase for 2018. If Charlotte is going to make that change, and NASCAR is on board with it, my best guess would be an announcement will be made during All Star weekend in mid May.

Just to throw my two cents into the Chase, it is my opinion that NASCAR should come up with a rotation of tracks for The Chase. This would give a different feel each year to the different sizes of tracks that are on the circuit to determine the champion.

Time for who gets the job done in Las Vegas this weekend. My pick to win is kind of obvious, hometown boy Kyle Busch captures the checkers. Long shot to win this weekend is Trevor Bayne. My I would like to see win is Kasey Kahne. Not sure why I want Kahne to win this weekend, buy it would be nice.

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