NASCAR Out of Control

March 5, 2015
by Lee

I am just not even sure what I want to start this article with. I have so many different places to start, they are just swirling around my mind like last night’s bath water going down the drain. I think I have it now, so pull your belts tight and lets get this thing started.

Breaking news today involved Kurt Busch. The state’s attorney, or equivalent in Delaware, has determined there is not enough evidence to pursue charges against Kurt in the domestic violence case that has been hanging in the air. If you recall, and if you follow NASCAR I am sure you do, that NASCAR indefinitely suspended Kurt for this purported incident. Some type of court in Delaware determined that there might be enough evidence to go through with charges.

So basically on the eve of the biggest race of the season, NASCAR suspends Kurt. We have some appeals and nothing happens. Kurt has then missed the first two races of the season, and I am sure is not eligible to join the Chase should he win a race this season.

In the end, Kurt has been exonerated (does not mean the incident did not happen, means no legal proceeding or conviction). Kurt was never even charged with a crime in this incident. He was suspended in what was a sham call by NASCAR. I am not a Kurt Busch fan, but I do like to think I have some idea of right and wrong. It is not right to suspend a competitor for an accusation. This set a dangerous precedent from NASCAR that if anyone accuses a driver or crew member of basically anything illegal, that he or she could be suspended for an accusation. Terrible call by NASCAR for black flagging Kurt Busch, but we will see how this comes back to haunt them down the road. If Kurt wins a race and NASCAR does not allow him in the Chase, I see some legal maneuvering happening.

Now another precedent set by NASCAR last Friday. I cannot recall a year that NASCAR did not make sure that there were plenty of time for qualifying for the first race after the Daytona 500. In the new racing year for NASCAR, there are ton of changes the teams have to adhere to with the bodies of the cars and such. This generally means a lot of teams are going to have to through tech multiple times. In this instance last Friday were 13 cars, including some huge names missed qualifying, it was the fans that were shit on.

NASCAR has had a dark history of making really bad decisions when it comes to making sure the fans are taken care of. Do not believe all that horse shit that is spouted from the Darrell Waltrip’s of the world, the Kenny Wallace’s, and any other TV personalities on the various NASCAR coverages. We are so often told that NASCAR is so grateful for its fans. Every broadcast even has the copyright message that states at the end “we thank you for your loyal support”.

NASCAR could have waited as long as they wanted to hold qualifying last Friday. In the end, it was about TV broadcasting it. They had a window to get the coverage in conjunction with Fox Sports 1, and NASCAR went for it. Think about it for a moment, what did Fox Sports 1 really have to show after qualifying? Probably nothing of great consequence. Instead, screw you fans who came to the track, watching on TV, viewing on the NASCAR app, or watching on TV, we will do what we want. Just remember though, we thank you for your loyal support no matter how asinine our decisions may be. I am sure Hoots and Helton had big plans that could not wait.

Finally, it has been talked about and talked about, safer barriers. It is true in a number of instances over the last few years, if there is no safer barrier Jeff Gordon will find the spot. No different in Atlanta. Two straight racing weekends that we saw cars completely destroyed by hard hits directly to concrete. Fortunately, Gordon got to walk away from his wreck, while Kyle Busch continues to recover from multiple leg surgeries. I saw a good quote on Twitter, and this is the gist of the quote, may not be exact. I will pay $17 instead of $15 for a hotdog at the track if it means the track owners will install safer barrier in all spots of the track. Cost should not matter for the barriers, put them in.

Oh, remember your loyalty though, think about this for the safer barriers. We want safety for the drivers, but as track owners we are going to have to check with our shareholders to make sure they are okay with us doing that. We cannot be seen as having lower profits if it is not something that will pay us back 10 fold in the future.

Wreck of the week, Gordon almost misses the wreck, but goes for the ride and finds non forgiving concrete:

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