Real Racing On the Way

February 25, 2015
by Lee

jeffgordonbuschseries_mdOkay, I agree, they Daytona 500 featured real racing. I thought the racing was good last Sunday. There was some intrigue in the race, and for a period of time it looked like a story book ending to Jeff Gordon’s last ride in NASCAR’s biggest race. In the end, our favorite piece of Sliced Bread grew up to a half loaf and stole the checkered flag for himself. Truly though, congratulations to Joey Logano on the big win.

I was standing at the door a bit ago and the frozen white crystals are once again falling from the sky. That is not too much of a surprise living in Central Illinois during this time of the year. What was a surprise was seeing my former hometown of Knoxville, TN under a winter storm warning tonight. Crazy winter weather all over the country at this point. Wondering if we keep going this way if we will see snow delays at Atlanta this weekend.

The biggest thing on my mind this week is safety. I wrote about Kurt Busch last week. I indicated at one point in that article that I may not cheer for each driver, but I do not want to see them hurt. What happens Saturday evening, the phone pops that Kyle Busch is hurt. OK, this is old news and we all know what happened. Fast forwarding.

How is it that we have had safer barriers for so long now, and there are any points on any race track that the top three series of NASCAR race on without the safer barrier? The safety standpoint of this whole deal makes no sense to me. I am going to assume that we all know the reason why there are spots on tracks that do not have the barrier. Money.

Here is what I think happens to decide where safer barriers are going to be installed. Review races and determine where most likely crashes are going to occur. We will not put barriers in the areas that cars rarely, if ever crash. We save money by not putting in safety equipment and make shareholders happy by making the bottom line larger.

The fact is that a car involved in a wreck can go anywhere. There is no knowing where a race car out of control is going to end up. My humble opinion, the drivers and owners should be demanding that all tracks have all walls within an area that a race car could be out of control during the race should have the safer barrier. No questions, no expense should be a problem, protect these folks as best that can be done with the technology we have today. I may not be a fan of Kyle Busch, but he had a better chance of being in the race on Sunday had Daytona had safer barriers where Kyle crashed.

Now, real racing begins. This week we begin the long trek down the schedule where adjustments and driving become even more important. The driver is important on the restrictor plate tracks, but managing tires and making the right adjustments now become even more important. We will find out who has figured out this year’s racing package off the hauler. The first race on a track like Atlanta can give us a lot of information on how the next weeks will move forward.

I am going to go out on a limb for a pick this week. Tony Stewart is going to get it done and put the 14 in victory lane.

Here is my pick for the wreck of the week. Truck action from Friday night: