NASCAR 2014: Auto Club 400

March 23, 2014
by Lee

No matter how much you watch drivers wheel their cars around the track, you never want to hear of tragedy. I start this article with the prayers and best wishes to the family of Nikoa Johnson. Nikoa was a 15 year old racer who lost her life this weekend doing what she loved. As already said, our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

 I am not sure how to really start writing about the last two weeks. I attended the race at Bristol last week, and watched this week’s race on TV. I have to give props to Carl Edwards on the win last week. That team made all the right calls as the race ran out of laps to get the win. They had the race won even without the malfunction of the caution lights that NASCAR gave to us.

 Let’s now move to this week. The first big thought I have this week is during a caution. It appeared some leaders did not get the opportunity to pit because the pit lane open close light did not change to green. This caught some drivers and they ended up being at the back of the field. My concern here is that Fox never showed the light and just pish poshed it away. NASCAR and Fox has to show this type of thing. We cannot as a sport have shit like this occur and expect to have top billing. There are cameras everywhere and NASCAR and Fox missed an opportunity to show that we are a top sport with scoring and fairness today.

The racing was good today, but we had the appearance that there may have been tire problems. A number of cars had tire issues throughout the race. It was apparent during the last run of the race that tires blew left and right. Jimmie Johnson was leading the race and lost a tire. It appeared that Jeff Gordon was going to be the winner, but Clint Bowyer spun with a tire down to bring out the caution. I have questions about this caution because there was no debris on the track and NASCAR had allowed a situation earlier in the race to continue green.

 In the end, Kyle Busch got the victory and Jeff Gordon slipped to 13th. It was a fun race to watch with what happened on the track today. I just have concerns about the officiating of the race and how the pit road lights were never shown on the broadcast. It is in the books and nothing can be done, but I hope it is a learning experience going forward.

 A lot of fun so far this season with five different winners in five races, and I look for more good racing next weekend at Martinsville. Have a great week, and be sure to like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @Troublinturntwo .

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