After watching the race at California, it came to my mind that NASCAR and it’s broadcast partners should have a list of promises, or code of broadcast, that should be adhered to. I tweeted during the race my displeasure with a replay not being shown and how the race was officiated. So here is my list that I believe should be considered:

  • Give all drivers time on the broadcast. Although there are drivers that are more popular than others, give us some of the broadcast to see those who may not be running in the top 20.

  • Announcers should not have any appearance of having a favorite over one driver, team, or manufacturer. Give us your insights, but there is no need to cheer and appear that you are pulling for certain drivers.

  • When a yellow flag is displayed for debris on the track, show us the safety trucks on the track and what they are picking up. This does not have to be live, but show us.

  • Officiate the race the same from the initial green flag till the checkered flag falls. Middle of the race single car spins seem to be treated differently than late race single car spins. I say this meaning no contact with the wall and no other drivers in danger of hitting that car.

  • When you are showing a pit stop by a driver, stay on that driver until the pit stop is complete, especially if the commentators are talking about that driver.

  • If the commentators are talking about something or a battle on the track, the producer should not call for a different camera shot of something different while that is being discussed.

  • When something happens to a driver than may have been questionable by the pit lights or some other officiating call by NASCAR, give the replay. There are cameras all over the track filming everything. I have to say I trust the drivers on the track when they say something about a light or call by NASCAR, especially when no replay is shown.

  • Have a segment prior to each race with David Hoots or Mike Helton to give the head honchos at NASCAR the opportunity to explain to fans why decisions had been made from the previous race. This would give us fans a better understanding of how calls are made. If there is no questionable calls to go over, give us a segment to have a better understanding of the complicated rules the racing is governed by.

  • Give us side by side during all commercial breaks. I can accept no side by side during caution periods after the leaders have made pit stops.

  • Finally, remember that is the fans that truly make the NASCAR world go around. I often feel patronized on the broadcast like I will be there no matter what. Remember we spend our money and we enjoy our sport. Talk to us before you decide to make changes to the rules or how races are broadcast.


This is just my list of what I would like to see. I am not saying I am any more right or wrong than the next fan who watches the races. If you have ideas on what you would like to see, please comment. I would like to hear other fans thoughts on this subject.


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