Quick Updates

January 8, 2014
by Lee
It has been a long time since I have written anything for the website. There have been a lot of ups and downs that I have encountered since about the mid season of last year’s racing season. I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to go ahead and get back in front of the computer and start writing some articles as we begin getting closer to racing season.
First, off for this one, thank you for reading. I do not how many of you actually stop by to read our website, but thank you for taking the time. We do not make any money off this site, but it is something that we do for fun. Along with that, at some point I lost the fun of writing and that is one of the reasons I have not done anything via the word.
If you follow us on Twitter, it has been some time that I have really done any tweets there. I plan on getting back to tweeting in the near future, and look forward to reconnecting with many of the followers I have conversed with in the past. I have been following some of the discussions as the season wrapped it, and there were some good comments. Oh, if you want to follow me, I am @troublinturntwo
A couple of quick hitters. I will be interested to see how the 3 car is welcomed back to NASCAR. I was surprised to see Jeff Gordon listed as 10-1 to win the championship this year. I will also be watching to see what Jimmie Johnson does this season. Are we going to see more greatness from him, or does he come back mediocre.
It felt good to put a little something together tonight. I look forward to getting things rolling in just a few short weeks. Thanks for reading.

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