NASCAR 2013 : KOBALT Tools 400

March 10, 2013
by Lee

Well we are done racing in Sin City for another year for the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. Matt Kenseth captured the checkered flag at the end of day. Kenseth gambled on the last pit stop by taking fuel only which gave him the lead off pit road. Kenseth never let up and was able to hold off the race lap leader Kasey Kahne to take the win. 

The first three quarters of the race was generally a snooze fest with little to know passing except for lead changes under pit stops. A couple of cautions were sprinkled in for debris, but no major incidents occurred during the race today. Now there is nothing wrong with green flag racing, but the teams are still figuring out this Gen 6 car, which means a lot of teams are still taking a swing on getting the setup correct. Loose was generally the order of the day with cars sliding the rear end out of the turns all day long. 

At the beginning of the race there were a number of cars that started the race towards the front of the pack because the field was set by last year’s points. Some of those cars dropped like a stone to the back of the pack and were never seen on the TV broadcast again. One of those cars were Jeff Gordon. I have to conclude as well that Jeff Gordon will never be able to driver a loose race car on any type of track the series visits. 

I have one more comment to cover on the TV broadcast today. It is my opinion that the Fox crew has gotten considerably worse as the racing seasons have gone by. The three chuckle heads in the booth are really good pointing out the obvious every week. They are also really good at making half comments that make really no sense. I hope that the executives at Fox take a hard look at their team calling the races and make some changes. The team is stale at best and bores the hell out of the average fan who has knowledge of the sport. 

Next week we roll onto Bristol. I will have some live coverage from the track next Sunday as I will be attending the race. Well, at least coverage until my phone decides to not upload information to Twitter and such once too many people are crammed into one area. Have a great week and looking forward to visiting the first short track race of the season on St. Patty’s day.

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