Credit: By John Harrelson, Getty Images for NASCAR
Brad Keselowski struggles to keep his car straight and in the lead during a fierce last-lap battle with Marcos Ambrose in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series’ Finger Lakes 355 at Watkins Glen (N.Y.) International.

So I am not even sure where to start on this article after last week’s race. It was an incredible finish last weekend at the Glen last week when Marcos Ambrose and Brad Keselowski got by Kyle Busch and battled around the track to bring us a winner. Ambrose ended up using a little bump and run on the road course to take the checkered flag. With the Ambrose win, that threw a huge old monkey wrench into the wild card standing for making the Chase for the Sprint Cup. What we do know after the Ambrose win is that we are in for some hard fought racing in the next few weeks to see who the contenders for the Cup are going to be.

Before we address Michigan coming up this weekend, here are the wild card standings:

Current Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman are the two wild card qualifiers. Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon and Marcos Ambrose all have legitimate chances to qualify for the Chase.

Michigan has come around on the schedule for the second time this year. We all recall who finally ended his winless streak earlier this year at the track don’t we. In case you cannot recall, it was Dale Earnhardt Jr. What is on my mind before the weekend festivities get kicked off is if Jr. can get the Michigan sweep. I do believe he will have the horsepower and will be the car to beat this weekend. Does that mean he will win, not sure. A lot can happen in a race as we all know. I hope he does win it this weekend, it would be a huge boost for his team heading into the Chase races. The extra bonus points for another win would also be nice for the 88 team heading into the final 10 races of the season.

I missed the first Michigan race earlier this season, so I will be interested in seeing the race this Sunday to see the racing on the new pavement. With that in mind, I do not have too much more analysis to provide on this race. Even though I have an eye on Sunday for Michigan, I am looking a little further down the road to the following weekend at Bristol. How will the ground pavement at Bristol improve, or not improve the racing? Will a contender be bumped out of the way and lose the chance to get in the Chase? Obviously that can happen anywhere, but will it be the old Bristol? We will know soon. 

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