I wonder if other NASCAR fans are like me wonders every time the Sprint Cup Series heads to Pocono and just how much it is going to rain. I know they mentioned yesterday that four of the last five races at Pocono have had some type of rain incident involved during them. I am not sure if that is just the second race of the year there, or combined with both races.

Wow has the Chase has gotten interesting now with Jeff Gordon getting the win yesterday without ever having led a lap at the start finish line under green. Last restart and the top four cars end up going high and a wreck ensues and Gordon got by everyone to take the lead. The deluge arrived before they could go back to green and Gordon was declared the winner. With all that bad luck this year for Gordon, the needle finally swung the other way for that team.

I am also hearing through the grapevine that we will see the end of Dodge in NASCAR at the end of this season. It is too bad that Dodge cannot sustain a program in NASCAR. The more manufactures in the series the better is what I tend to think. What can you do though?

ESPN featured a very strange montage of camera shots at the start your engines command to the race yesterday. My opinion on this diagonal shift in camera shots was not so good. The movement of those shots kind of made me dizzy watching it. Only offering my opinion that I did not like the way they showed those views.

Fans were struck by lightening at the race track after the race during a severe thunderstorm. We wish them the best in recovery. Also, please take notice of severe weather and lightening if you are outside, seeking quick cover can be the difference between life and death.

We move forward this week to Watkins Glen. With what appears to be all the bad luck out of the way for Gordon now, watch out for him at the road course. More observations later this week.

In case you missed it, here is the pass for the win.

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