Yes I know it has been a little bit of time again since I have put fingers to keyboard in order to bring you my little take on all things auto racing, well mainly NASCAR racing. Before we get to the racing aspect of things, I have a little Festivus in July rant to go on from my traveling adventures to the DFW area for work.

Let me start with the folks that do not make reservations for their rental car when they know they are going to be traveling. Oh, you are surprised when you get to the counter and the car rental agency is sold out of the cheap cars. The next question out of their mouth, “How can you be sold out of the cheap cars?” Guess what chief, there are a lot of people that come to this area and you did not make a reservation; have fun explaining the more expensive charge to your manager when you file that expense report!

Now, then there is my experience with the car rental agency. I am a guy who is putting his life back together. I have kids and have experienced a lot of bad things over the last couple of months. I know there are people out there that have experienced far worse, but it is the private hell of part of my life that I live. The agent hands me my rental agreement and the stall number is 722. I get to the stall and I am met by a miniature minivan thing that could carry like 37 clowns if it was a circus car. Now again, putting my life back together, grown my hair out for the first time in a long time, the car I got was not really what I had expected.  I did not expect a sporty model or anything like that, but I am tooling around the Dallas area now in a family mobile by my lonesome. It is a personal epic fail kind of feeling with the car.

Now I go to Wal-Mart in order to pick up some of those miniature bottles of wine. The four pack variety thing. Please explain to me how Wal-Mart can be completely sold out of the four packs. So I pick out a bottle of wine and go to the front of the store. I figure I have one item so I go to the tobacco aisle. Who the heck goes to the tobacco aisle in front of me with a completely full shopping cart! I really thought everyone knew that the tobacco aisle is like an extension of the quick checkout lane. So I had almost 15 minutes of my life wasted as the checker tried to scan and bag the stuff that was overloading the cart.

Oh well, enough ranting for now.

Here are my top 10 stats to think about from the Sprint Cup Season so far, in no particular order:

  • Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne have both run 7.2% of the fastest laps run this season
  • Jimmie Johnson has led 14.8% of all laps run this season
  • Gregg Biffle has been passed four more times than he has passed other cars this season
  • In the last 10% of the races, Bobby Labonte has gained the most positions with 31, an average of 1.6 positions per race
  • Even though 17th in the points standings, Jeff Gordon has the 8th best driver rating on the season at 94.2
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. has led 416.61 miles this season
  • There have been 5,488 laps run through New Hampshire this season, Matt Kenseth leads all drivers with 96.10% of his laps run on the lead lap (5,274)
  • Brad Keselowski has 1,282 passes under green of cars in the Top 15, leading the category of Quality Passes
  • Danica Patrick has a driver rating of 40.8 in her Cup races this season
  • Juan Pablo Montoya has only led 29.48 miles this season

That is it for now. More thoughts later this week.

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