It has been some time since I have put together an article for the website. Once again a lot has been going on in my real life. I call it my real life because writing for the website is for fun and entertainment. There is not always time for entertainment and fun in my life. Sometimes I also have trouble even just wanting to indulge in any fun and entertainment. That is a story for another day and another time why that occurs. Having that out of the way, I have a few things to write about that should be kind of fun.

First, I know it is belated but I wanted to say thank you to Kenny and Adrienne for their hospitality over the Indy 500 weekend. I had a great time and I know my son had a great time at the race and staying at their house. Thank you once again for your hospitality and cannot wait to do it again.

Joey Logano got the win at the newly resurfaced Pocono last weekend. The talk this season has been whether or not Little Baby Joey would keep his seat at the end of this season. I am not sold yet that he will keep his seat after the checkered flag falls in Homestead in November. The win goes a long way for Joey to keep his seat, but he must continue to have solid runs and finishes in order to keep the seat. A win is good, but we all know that consistency is needed in this business.

Someone explain to me why the Chinese would cancel the Indy Car race that was to occur on the same weekend as a beer festival? Seems like the two events would go hand in hand. Guess things are different in China and how races work. Their loss and possibly our gain as race fans. Rumor is that Texas is in play for a second race this season for the IZOD drivers. I hope they go for it and it would be a great move by the IZOD league to fill that spot.

Jeff Gordon will not make the Chase. I am a Gordon fan as many of you know, but we are not going to get there this year. If you went shopping for some bad luck at the local Wal Mart, you would not find any because Gordon and his team have already purchased all of it and have been using it at record pace. I am not sure what else could go wrong this season, but so far if it could happen Gordon’s team will find a way to make it happen.

High speeds at Michigan this weekend with the new surface at the track. If any driver whines that the speeds are too fast into the corners, they need to be removed from the series. Get in the car, start it up, and race. It will be okay and I cannot wait to see what the speeds are when they dive into Turn 1.

Enjoy the race weekend, and I will do more to bring you our valued reader more original content each week going forward.

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