Credit: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images for NASCAR Ryan Newman (No. 39) slides by as Clint Bowyer (No. 15), Jeff Gordon (No. 24) and Jimmie Johnson (No. 48) spin to cause the final caution during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Goody's Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday in Martinsville, Va.

As a NASCAR fan, I felt today we got the short end of the stick on the end of the race today. The two best cars on the track were battling for the lead with just a handful of laps to go. Jimmie Johnson had the lead and Jeff Gordon saved a little bit in his car and ran him down. An epic battle between teammates was brewing. Gordon got the run and had the lead, barely. Then there is an unsponsored piece of garbage car stopped on the front stretch with tires down. David Reutimann is stopped on the track twiddling his thumbs after barely creeping along for at least two laps that I saw.

Caution comes out and everyone pits behind Gordon and Johnson. On the green white checker first attempt Clint Bowyer dive bombs into the corner and causes a wreck. Bowyer did nothing wrong, he was racing for the win and had better tires than both Gordon and Johnson. When it is all sorted out, Ryan Newman ends up with the lead and wins the race on the second green white checker attempt.

Here is why I say we as the fans got the short end today. I really do not care if Reutimann drives for a team that is close to being in or out of the top 35 in owner points. If you have a problem with your car, it is your responsibility to get your car to pit road. Instead, Reutimann tries to limp his P.O.S. around the track and then completely alters what the outcome of the race should have been. Oh sorry about that is that all he could say, the engine quit on me. Whatever Reutimann, you should go back to driving go carts or pedal cars if you are not smart enough to hit pit road.

One thing that irritates me about Martinsville, first it is a great track and produces unique racing, is that every race there is some jackass that spins or something and ends up sitting on the track until the caution comes out. Caution comes out and they magically drive away. Different scenario here today since the engine quit, but Reutimann should have been on pit road well before the engine quit. Here is my opinion on how NASCAR should fix this problem. You bring out a caution on purpose on any track, you lose 25 owner and driver points. This includes trying to continually drive around the track when you have an obvious problem with the car.

I know there are times that the best car gets beat by strategy or a mistake on the track. I am fine with that, and that is part of racing. When another driver multiple laps down alters the outcome of the competition, it irritates me more than anything. In my opinion, today showed why Reutimann no longer driver for Michael Waltrip Racing.

Congratulations to Ryan Newman for winning the race today. He did nothing wrong and the win kind of fell into to his lap. He had a good car today, not a winning car under regular circumstances, but he was there at the end and that does count.

Now we get a week off before Texas. Have a Happy Easter everyone.

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  • Lee says:

    I forgot to put in the article Reutimann should be drawn and quartered for that bush league joke he pulled today.