NASCAR’S fickle fans

April 20, 2012
by Lee

I am not sure that there is any other sport that is watched that has such fickle fans as NASCAR. We love our drivers, we love the tracks, we love the promoters, and we cannot wait for the weekend to arrive to hear the roar of the engines and to see who is going to chase down the checkered flag this week.

Last weekend we saw the racing circus make its first run through Texas Motor Speedway this season. What we saw was racing almost the entire night. If memory serves me right only two caution flags were displayed the entire night. The final run of the night was well over 200 laps without seeing the speed slowed for any other reason than drivers having to hit pit road.

It seems to me that we would be excited by the fact that so many laps were run under green. Nearing the end of the race Greg Biffle caught Jimmie Johnson and passed him for the lead and the rest is history.

Now the mainstream media types gave all the highlights of the race that we would expect, what I want to delve into is the psyche of the collective NASCAR fans on Twitter. Apparently having a green flag run that lasted as long as we saw in Texas is not to the liking of the fans. I saw more comments that the race was boring and that a caution was needed to bring some excitement to the race. Fair enough for those comments, the field was strung out and if you are not completely into racing it was probably boring to watch.

Here is my take on the race. For one of the rare times in NASCAR racing, we actually saw what the machines and crews could do to keep up with the track and make flawless pit stops without the pace car circling the track to keep you from falling way behind. We also truly saw the best car win the race. Greg Biffle saved a little and had the best car over the longest run we have seen in some time. Congratulations to Biffle on the win at Texas.

We roll onto another mile and a half in Kansas Speedway this weekend. Look for more of the same folks. I would not be surprised to see more long runs and green flag pit stops. The cars are more stable and the field is going to eventually be strung out.

So who do I pick to win this one? Jimmie Johnson gets to the line first this week.

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