Before I get to any racing news, I just wanted to once again say thank you for the concerns expressed yesterday on Twitter. Without going into too much detail, my life is an up and down roller coaster of emotions right now, a lot of them actually not very positive. When I think I have a lot of things figured out, they are not exactly as I thought. Some of these are my own fault; some are completely out of my control. I am fine and having a much better day today, and look forward to better days going forward. I know there will be days not as good that will pop up, but I will continue to fight the good fight. Thank again for the concern and the encouragement, it is truly taken to heart and appreciated.

Photo Credit: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images -- 2012- Daytona Jimmie Johnson talks to Chad Knaus

Let’s get on to some racing news to talk about. Chad Knaus had his suspension and fines upheld from Daytona in an appeal hearing today. If you find this to be a big surprise, you are new to NASCAR and that is okay, we welcome you. Penalties handed out from NASCAR are very rarely overturned in any manner. Penalties handed out remind me of a line from the movie License to Drive. Once the main character failed his written drivers test, he causes the computers to go out. He takes the driving test and passes and is given his license. Then the weird looking DMV lady wants to see him. Takes his license and tells him “You mustn’t f$@k with the DMV”. I feel the same way when it comes to car inspections for NASCAR. You better not try to best the template or what NASCAR had laid out for what is legal.

Now, let us really think about the six race suspension for Chad and the Lowe’s team. Chad is not going to be allowed to be at the track for the next six races. Now, he may be able to be at the track since Hendrick is going to appeal to the Supreme Court of NASCAR to pursue relief that was not granted today by the Appellate Panel. Ha, how do you like those legal terms thrown in there from a Criminal Justice graduate?

Let’s assume that Chad is not able to be at the track, whether it is this week or whenever. The team is not going to falter, Jimmie Johnson is still going to run well, and very well could win a race while Chad is suspended. Keep this in mind, to the best of my knowledge Chad can still communicate with the team away from the track. Chad is going to know everything that is going on with the car, and will hear all of Jimmie’s feedback in real time. Think about the laptops and phones you see in the pit box each race when it is shown on TV. Chad will be chatting, texting, direct message tweeting, sending carrier pigeons, and emailing what he wants done to the car on the next pit stop.

With this in mind Johnson fans, do not fear about any loss of performance on the track. Jimmie will be fine. The appeal is not about the races Chad is suspended for; the appeal is about the points and the money. The team could care less about Chad not being able to be at the track. Technology today allows the crew chief to still manage the race just like he was in the chair above the pit box.

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