NASCAR 2012: Bristol

March 15, 2012
by Lee

Credit: Bristol Motor Speedway Three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart visited the kids at Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center on Tuesday. The center enhances the physical, emotional,social, and cognitive growth of individuals with special needs through equine-assisted activities.

This week the traveling circus that is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series makes its way to the small town of Bristol, Tennessee. Not only is the town small, but the track is one of the smallest on the circuit. With the length being a little more than a half a mile with high banks, we look forward to side by side action all day long from the drivers in the top NASCAR series.

So what am I looking for at Bristol for the spring race this year? That question is fairly simple to answer; drivers need a good setup and a good qualifying lap. Get a good starting spot up front and a good pit selection on the duel pit roads, and you can have yourself a good day at Bristol. The better question is who are the drivers that are going to put together the right setup to get those good pit stalls and make the right changes to make it last to the final lap of 500.

I really do not know who to go with in this race. This will be the fourth race of the season and we have seen drivers come and go over all of the first three races. This is also the first true short track that we will see the drivers battle on for the season. It is just hard to make a pick for who is going to hit the marks on the progressively banked track.

We know that we do have a couple of drivers that we need to keep an eye on. Kyle Busch always runs strong on this track. I would not be surprised to see Kyle win this race once again. Jeff Gordon is hit or miss at this track. Last year he was garbage in the spring race, yet should have probably won the August race. Jimmie Johnson has been strong and could take the win. Is this the week that Dale Earnhardt Jr. finally gets the elusive win we have all been waiting for? He has won at the track before. One thing is for sure, do not get caught up in someone else’s soup when all hell breaks loose.

Since I have to make a pick for the race, I am going to go out on a limb for this one. I think that Martin Truex Jr. is going to be the driver that conquers this week and takes the checkers. Some of the big names are going to have a strong run as well, so do not count them out. In the end, Truex brings it home and ends his own long losing streak.

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