Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

February 26, 2012
by Lee
  • Monday is nearly over. Should really be renamed you will get at least one piece of bad news day. #
  • “@sweetevil88: Watching SpaceBalls #LoneStar #DarkHelmet” Those are their stunt doubles. Great movie! #
  • “@sweetevil88: @troublinturntwo It's been a comedy movie fest here today, Fletch was on in the afternoon, thats a great movie too!” ys it is #
  • Cat decided to come over and visit with me. @turn3troublmakr @Turn4troublmakr @sweetsara30 #
  • “@HalfShaftBlues: Why in the hell do I look directly at Facebook?” bc it is like a car wreck you r driving by on the highway? #
  • Can we just miracle time forward to #Indy500 weekend? @sweetsara30 @turn3troublmakr @Turn4troublmakr @k_bogle #
  • “@brian_jr1: Why You Should Take Off Work to Watch the #NASCAR Gatorade Duels –… via #Daytona500

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