Nationwide Pole for Danica Patrick

February 24, 2012
by Lee

This afternoon while sitting at my desk I took a moment to see what was happening on Twitter. Basically needed a couple minute mental break from what I was working on. I got caught up in watching the tweets go by that Danica Patrick was sitting on the provisional pole with roughly 10 drivers still to go. Those drivers laid down their times, and in the end, Danica won the pole.

The response on Twitter was about 50/50 to Danica winning the pole. One side was opposed completely to the fact that Danica had taken the pole. Comments flew immediately that she would not win the race on Saturday. We will see what happens tomorrow when the race gets underway. The other half was ecstatic and congratulating Danica on being only the second woman to win a pole in one of NASCAR’s top series.

Danica taking the pole for Saturday’s Nationwide Race undoubtedly has produced a huge amount of buzz for the beginning of the NASCAR season. Whether you like Danica or not, whether you believe she should be in a stock car or not, it really does not matter with what she has done for all of forms of racing today. Danica winning the pole will generate interest in the races this weekend, and the weekends to come. With more interest in the races, this will attract more fans and followers at the track and watching the broadcasts. More interest will drive more sponsorship dollars for all teams involved.

I generally am not a Danica Patrick fan and have from time to time have given her poor marks for her racing in IndyCar and NASCAR. I have also given her props when she has run well. The fact is that today Danica deserves every race fans congratulations for winning the pole. Remember, that just yesterday she wrecked her car in one of the hardest hits I have seen in awhile during the first Gatorade Duel. She puts her life on the line like all the drivers on the track each time they buckle up. You do not have to cheer for Danica or even wish her well on the track. Do take a moment though to think about how she helped the sport that causes us to hold our breath and cheer when sometimes we see the impossible made possible. See Kyle Busch last week in the Bud Shootout saving a car for the impossible made possible.

Congratulations Danica Patrick on winning the pole, and good luck Saturday in the Nationwide Race at Daytona.

In case you missed Danica’s wreck in the Gatorade Duel, here is the video:

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