Observations heading in to Texas

November 3, 2011
by Lee

It is observation time as we head to Texas. Here are some of my observations about the upcoming Cup race and other NASCAR and racing news.

We wish Rick Hendrick and his wife a speedy recovery after the plane crash earlier this week in Florida. With that accident having occurred, I believe that a Hendrick Car will win at Texas this weekend.

Jimmie Johnson will not win the Sprint Cup this year. My opinion is that after Texas, Tony Stewart will be leading the points by around five over Carl Edwards. Stewart will go on to win the Championship this year.

Jeremy Mayfield was arrested this week for having plenty of suspected stolen goods at his house and methamphetamine at his house. Does anyone really care about an indefinitely suspended driver who is suspected of being a junky? Really I do not, but I do hope that Jeremy comes to grips with his demons and seeks help.

Please continue to keep Dan Wheldon in your thoughts, as well as his family. Although we move forward, we should never forget any driver that lost their life for our entertainment.

Texas will be an interesting race that could provide us a swing in the points. Sometimes we see long green flag runs at the track, and sometimes we see the track chew up cars left and right. Which track will show up Sunday is anybody’s guess.

Although we have had some wild card races in the Chase this year, how will the new pavement at the Phoenix race in just over a week play out? I see another wild card race coming. The wild card aspect may not come from wrecks, but from hitting the right setup.

I will be in Texas for the race on Sunday and will bring some pictures and updates as best I can. It all depends on how well the cell phone works at the track. A lot of people in one place and the phone loses all its manners and polite behavior.

Sorry my articles have been sporadic as of late. There has been a lot going on in the personal and work life right now. I hope to bring coverage throughout the rest of the season. Wow, only three races to go now, where did the season go?

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