We come off a weekend where we saw an exciting race at Charlotte only to have ourselves reminded how dangerous motor racing can be. Many of us who follow racing are still in disbelief that the winner of the Indianapolis 500 mile race, just a few months back, is no longer with us. We continue to feel the sadness of the loss of Dan Wheldon, and continue to pray for his family and friends through this difficult period. To honor Dan Wheldon, Troubleinturntwo.com will go dark starting Friday evening, and will return on Sunday evening.

With many things in life, life will continue to go on, and that includes a weekend slate of racing at Talladega for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The high banks of NASCAR’s longest track hosts its second weekend of racing for the year, and the excitement should be second to none.

I am not going to focus as much on the truck series race this weekend. Although if you are looking for a close race with pack racing on Saturday, I encourage any race fan out there to check out this race. The trucks are known for giving us great races on the super speedways, and I am sure that Saturday’s race will be no different.

The Chase has once again given us another twist and turn after Charlotte. Matt Kenseth captured the victory last weekend. The biggest story out of Charlotte was Jimmie Johnson hammering the turn two wall towards the end of the race. Johnson started the night just out of the points lead, and now finds himself 35 points behind leader Carl Edwards.

This week at Talladega is a crap shoot at best. NASCAR has made some rule changes in hopes that two car pack racing will be eliminated. We are going to have to wait and see if these rule changes make a difference in the type of racing we will actually see. If we return to the large packs running three wide and who knows how many rows deep, no Chaser is going to be safe from the big one when it occurs.

This may be the last weekend for drivers to make huge swings in the point standings. You have to have nerves of steel this weekend, and hope that you dart and dive into the right holes at the right time. One slip up, and you can find yourself from being towards the front of the points lead to the back in a hurry. Like the fans that will be in the stands witnessing the race in person, fans at home will be holding their breath during each lap to see how it all unfolds. Also, a driver is going to need the right push from behind at the right time to win at Talladega.

On a side note, I will be attending the Texas race in a couple weeks. Looking forward to that and seeing where the points are going into that race. I will provide as much coverage from the track that I can on the site and @troublinturntwo on Twitter. Please also stop by our Facebook page and click that like button, we would certainly appreciate it.


Dan Wheldon Memorial Site:  http://www.danwheldonmemorial.com/

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