Drivers to Miss Meeting the President

September 4, 2011
by Lee

While the Atlanta race is currently being delayed by rain, I have noticed on Twitter and other news outlets that there is a big hubbub about some drivers that turned down invitations to visit the White House and meet the President this coming Wednesday. The invitation went to all of the drivers who qualified for the Chase last year.

To me, this seems to be much to do about nothing. Far too often we politicize far too many issues that are really non issues. If a driver has other commitments that have to be taken care of and he cannot go to the White House, so be it. Take it at face value and understand that the drivers have many commitments during the week that do not involve being on the track. Drivers usually have a schedule set for them weeks in advance.

It is an honor for any person to be invited to the White House no matter whether it is for achievements in sporting events, or even just daily life. If a driver decided that they did not want to go to the White House because of political beliefs, the driver also has that right to use that reason as well. From what I have seen, the drivers who will miss the meeting have been gracious in declining the invitation. No more needs to be said about it.

Overall, we are two races at this moment from setting the field for the Chase for this year. We have far more important on track stories to follow than why drivers turned down an invitation to meet President Barack Obama. With fellow citizens out of work, continuing wars, and major economic concerns facing the country, let’s allow our entertainment to be entertainment. We all need an escape at times to all of the doom gloom that is fed to us in the age of the 24 hour news cycle and nonstop media access. No need to mix presidential and personal politics with NASCAR.

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