NASCAR – Bristol Truck Race Recap

August 24, 2011
by Lee

What a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Bristol tonight. Kevin Harvick takes the checkered flag for his third straight win in the series.

I have been a person who has in the past criticized the new configuration that was put in at Bristol Motor Speedway. Tonight, in my opinion, was the first time we saw the old style of Bristol racing come back into play. Trucks had a tough time passing all over the track. Track position was at a premium and created excitement, cautions, and a major payback.

Around the mid part of the race during a restart, Elliot Sadler and Kyle Busch were racing for a top five position when Busch got into of Sadler’s truck and put him in the front stretch wall. Busch came into the race having one the last five events combined at Bristol. Busch stayed on the track with major damage and got payback with Sadler when he spun him and then clipped the back end of his truck. Busch accused Sadler of wrecking him on purpose because he was driving a KHI truck. Replay indicates that Sadler may have done nothing wrong, but Busch may have wrecked himself.

Fuel mileage then became an issue at the end of the race. Some trucks that stopped early on in the race did not have the fuel pickup on the high banks during some late cautions. Trucks in the top five stopped rolling and ended up with bad finishes because of the fuel issue. Who would have ever thought that Bristol would bring us fuel millage issues?

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