How to speak Tasmanian, Marcos Ambrose? I bet Ambrose wishes every week was a road course. A Sprint Cup and Nationwide win on the road courses in two weekends. I do not want him out of NASCAR, but I would love to see how he would match up against the IndyCar boys and girls.

Jeff Gordon to win his fifth Championship this year? I am not sure yet. Great run at Michigan, looked like he could have run away with the race during certain stages of the race. End of the race comes around, and he drops positions. Gordon has to win races in the Chase if the championship is going to be his.

Jimmie Johnson has no chance at the Championship this year? Not so fast. JJ and crew seem to find that extra horsepower and special setup that is needed in the Chase. Articles today wanted to anoint Kyle Busch as this year’s champion already. Remember that Busch crashed and burned in the Chase a couple of years back. Not saying Kyle cannot win it, but watch for that 48 to start making his way to victory lane in regular intervals as the weather starts to get cooler.

IndyCar takes two steps forward and one step back. I still cannot believe the call they made to go back to green at New Hampshire. Prior to the season starting all the talk was how the IndyCar series was roaring back with great changes that build momentum. They have built momentum this season, but with calls like restarting on a wet oval, they are not going to win over the hearts and minds of the race watching public.

Danica Patrick leaving IndyCar will hurt them beyond repair? I do not think so. IndyCar might just be happy to see Danica go. Let’s face fact in the IndyCar series. They have moved to road course heavy schedule. Danica is not a good road course racer. There are also other up and coming female drivers in the series that can step in and take her place. No, the other women in the series do not have the sex appeal that Danica has, but their talent can be marketed to a greater extent that will brings eyes upon the track.

The Wild Card positions for getting in the Chase have been a great addition by NASCAR? Yes, that is all I really have to say. There are now so many drivers and scenarios to follow for guys that would have otherwise been an afterthought. I am enjoying the Wild Card races that are going on, and it will be interesting to see how the smoke clears after Richmond in a couple of weeks.

Final thought, Bristol will be another snoozer with Kyle Busch sweeping the weekend? Not sure at this point. I do not think that the race will be a complete snoozer, but the paybacks we all loved to see in the past at Bristol are gone now. The race will still generate us excitement of the World’s Fastest Half Mile. As for Busch, I would not be surprised to see him take at least two out of the three races this weekend.

More later this week.

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