So I am not really sure where to start this week. Do I start with the debacle that was the end of the IZOD IndyCar Series race? Do I start with the breaking news from earlier today? Do I go with the Greg Biffle and Boris Said fighting at the end of the road course race? I just do not know where to go with starting the story for this week?

Let’s start with IndyCars for this one. My first thought is do we actually really know who won the race yet? There are two protests to be heard by the IndyCar Series from the race. In case you missed it, with a handful of laps to go in the race, a yellow flag was thrown for rain coming down on the race track. With just a couple of laps left to be run, IndyCar gave the one to go and then the green flag was displayed. Before the field made it to the start finish line, Danica Patrick lost the back end and a number of cars were collected. Danica did nothing wrong, it was simply too wet to race.

This is a huge black eye how this race ended. IndyCar was making its return to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The race was not featured on Versus last week, but was on ABC. Driver audio was played requesting that the race not go back green. Owners were shown storming up and down pit road. A terrible decision made by the race stewards who are suppose to have the drivers’ safety first and foremost.

I can be real simple about the breaking news that arrived earlier today. Danica Patrick and Go Daddy have scheduled a press conference for next Wednesday. It is being reported that Danica will announce she is going full time to the NASCAR Nationwide Series next year, which her schedule will also include a number of Sprint Cup Series races as well. In 2013, Danica will go full time in the Sprint Cup Series. Can’t wait for next season to see how this will all play out.

I have one comment about Biffle and Said from Monday. I recall Biffle saying something about those guys racing at the back of the pack racing too hard for back of the field finishing positions. Every position is worth something and every driver has the responsibility to push as hard they can for every position. I can understand Biffle being upset that a teammate got bumped and that bump caused a horrific wreck, but do not criticize another driver for driving hard at getting a position at the end of the race.

Oh yeah, I predicted correctly that Marcose Ambrose would be our fifth first time winner of the season. I have to say that I am glad to see a lot of different winners this year in the Sprint Cup Series. Makes watching the races exciting.

Wrecks of the Week:

Tony Kanaan on his lid:

Davids on the last lap at Watkins Glen:

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