NASCAR – Quick Update

June 23, 2011
by Lee

I generally missed both the NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series races last weekend. There is something about spending over six hours in the dental chair having some crowns redone that just takes the wind out of your sails. I do know that Denny Hamlin did get his first win of the season at Michigan on Sunday, so congratulations to him.

Let’s get on to the stories of the week. A dust up between Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin has kind of caught my interest this week. I do not see a lot coming from this, but it is fun talk about. The issue surrounds racing where Martin squeezed Earnhardt Jr. into the wall in the latter stages of the race last weekend. Jr. did not take kind to it and has some comments after the race about it. I have no problem with Jr. being upset, and no problem with having his say after the race. After this incident though, Jr. has to focus on the task at hand and put this incident behind him. No need to be caught up arguing with a teammate when wins on the track are needed and within reach.

Red Bull racing is closing shop at the end of the season. This translates into two full time, fairly competitive, cars being out of the lineup next season. This will also make it slim pickings for drivers who might have been looking at changing teams at the end of the season. With all the talk that NASCAR is on the rebound and ratings going up, this is a huge blow to the Sprint Cup Series. There are talks that Red Bull is looking for investors to purchase the team to keep it on track. We can only sit back and wait to see how this one plays out.

Road racing this weekend in the Sprint Cup Series at Infineon. We get our first of two looks at drivers turning not only left, but right as well. I have said before I am generally not a fan of road racing. I can tolerate road racing in the stock cars a little bit more. The NASCAR car boys get the chance to bump and bang through the turns where the open wheelers cannot get away with that action. The racing should be interesting, and hopefully this go around Marcose Ambrose realizes he has to maintain the speed of the pace car during yellows. Missed that last year? Ambrose could not get his car started after shutting if off to save fuel and lost the lead and probably a sure win for not maintaining speed under caution.

I am looking forward to getting back on Twitter this weekend for all of the racing action. Follow us @troublinturntwo for all the racing fun.

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