Indycar – Firestone Twin 275’s

June 12, 2011
by Lee

The Twin 275’s at Texas Motor Speedway have come to an end. The racing was good tonight with only caution being displayed between the two races. Dario Franchitti taking race one and Will Power taking the second race. The second race featured the second fastest average speed for a race on an oval for the IndyCar Series.

I wish there was more detail that I can provide about the racing tonight. These races tonight seemed to not follow what we have seen at Texas in the past. The beginning of each race featured what Texas has shown in previous races, but the lack of cautions allowed cars to show their muscle and broke up the packs. Let me be clear, it was not bad racing, but not what was really expected at Texas tonight.

After the first race, the field drew starting positions for the second race. The biggest loser in the selections was Franchitti who ended up in the 28th starting position for the second race. Franchitti recovered nicely and finished seventh in the second race. Franchitti is sour grapes over the blind draw for the second race. Franchitti’s beef is that for a points race there should not be a blind draw, but an inversion of the field.

As far as the blind draw goes, I like it. The teams had an hour to make any and all adjustments to the car that they wanted to. Franchitti was the last to choose a starting position for the second race. His team should have had a good idea as the draw was going that they were going to be at best middle of the pack, and worst the back of the pack. The car should have been setup to manage traffic instead of running out front like they did in the first race. From my perspective watching it on TV, Franchitti’s team did a poor job of preparing for the second race.

As for the actual blind draw as it was shown on TV, it was boring and lengthy. The Twitter world was on fire on how bad the draw was put together. I like the concept of the blind draw, but it could have been done in half the time it actually took.

Overall, I enjoyed both races tonight, even though I did not get to see the last 10 or so laps of the first race because of a thunderstorm knocking out the dish in my area. I am glad the IZOD IndyCar series ran this format at Texas. I hope they keep it next year with some minor adjustments.

I have commented on this before, but the drivers in the IndyCar series need to keep in mind who actually contributes to their paycheck, the fans. These drivers seem to complain about everything possible given the opportunity. Fans love when a strong runner gets sent to the back of the pack. I loved it that Franchitti had to start form the back. It is not that I want a strong runner to just be sent to the back. I want to watch the skill of the driver as he goes from the back to the front. I can understand his frustration with the points aspect of the draw, but it is what it is.

Pocono for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tomorrow!

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