Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., continues her efforts to limit the military’s spending of NASCAR teams and events, along with other forms of motorsports.

She sought to ban military sponsorship of NASCAR teams in February. After the House voted 281-148 against the measure, McCollum’s office issued a statement that she intended to introduce legislation to prohibit taxpayer funds from being used to sponsor various forms of motorsports.

She followed through on that statement. Last week during a House Appropriations Committee mark-up of the Department of Defense spending budget, McCollum introduced an amendment requiring the military to submit to a 30-day congressional review period any contract for more than $250,000 to sponsor racing events, drivers or teams, according to a report by Also included in the review was any sponsorship of more than $250,000 for a fishing team or tournament, professional wrestling event or ultimate fighting event.

The amendment was defeated by voice vote.

According to McCollum’s office, the Department of Defense spent more than $50.7 million on those sponsorships in 2010, the report stated.

see the numbers that have been spent here

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