Credit: Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR Kyle Busch and the No. 18 Kyle Busch Motorsports team celebrate after winning the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Lucas Oil 200 on Friday at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del.

Here is a quick synopsis of the Camping World Truck Series race that was earlier today and seen on Speed tonight. Kyle Busch gets the win tonight in dominating fashion. Busch has won three of the five truck series races year. Busch is just dominant in this series, and was all day long today. The only reason Busch did not lead even more laps than he did today was because of a long green flag run that had him shuffled until other trucks on different strategy pitted.

Some cautions late in the race added for some drama tonight. Not going to name the names that wrecked, but it did give Cole Whit, finished second, the opportunity to give Busch a run for his money. Busch was still strong enough to win, but Whit gave the truck a good ride today to finish second.

Within the first 100 laps of the race, Ricky Carmichael gave us a hold your breath moment with a huge hit into the wall in the middle of turn three and four. The entire front end of the car was completely destroyed, with debris being spread all over the track from the accident. Carmichael’s wreck was a situation where he hit the brake to keep from hitting the car in front him, and it caused the truck to swing violently towards the wall. If you saw this wreck, or when you do see the replay, immediately you just hoped to see Ricky get out of the truck without injury.

One note on the track from the truck race, although I have not seen a truck race at Dover in person, I cannot remember a race where so many trucks were loose on this track. I have seen a number of Sprint Cup Series races in person at the track, and cars have generally been tight. There were no tire issues on the track today, but under caution the trucks removed rubber from the track. When the caution was complete, the track in the turns looked generally like no rubber had been put down. A couple of laps after the green was back out, the track rubbered right back in. It was a strange phenomenon during the race today. I cannot say I have seen that before.

Nationwide Series race tomorrow at the Monster Mile. Looking forward to it, and a full recap of that race will be available upon completion of the race tomorrow.

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