10. Carb Day. You are thinking what does Carb Day have to do with the race and the answer is simple, everything. In years past, herdanicaship did not turn more than a few laps on Carb Day. This year with limited practice and spending too much time trying to get a qualifying setup on the car, she has to put some laps down on Carb Day. That means she has an even better chance of something going wrong. Is her backup car good enough?
9. She is starting too far back. I know she did good job last year coming from the back and finished well, but there are way too many rookies in the field in front of her this time around that could easily send her into the wall. If she gets to the front, she has to deal with superior cars and superior drivers.
8. Focus. I don’t care who you are, if rumors are swirling around your departure and you are asked at every news conference about your departure, that will throw off your focus just enough.
7. The car isn’t that good. In fact, none of the Andretti cars are that good. She does have the best chance of the Andretti cars, but on race day that doesn’t mean a whole lot.
6. Karma. Things you don’t do at the speedway. 1) criticize your team 2) storm down pit road after an accident 3) leave a team that gave you your start and made you competitive (at least for a year)
5. Better story. If she won the 500 it would be a good story. First female winner, blah, blah, blah. However, wouldn’t the better story be a younger female driver surviving a horrific crash 2 days before qualifying that could have ended her life, qualifying on day one with a single car team and winning the greatest spectacle in racing? Just sayin, there are better stories that would be followed by the media. And who among us doesn’t like the underdog?
4. She is not that good of a driver. In most cases, with few exceptions, good if not great drivers win the 500. What has she done? She has been a mid pack driver her whole Indycar career and will be a mid pack driver in NASCAR.
3. The speedway doesn’t forget. (see item 7)
2. The competition is too good. In year’s past, you could count on one hand who had a legitimate chance to win the 500. This year, you could have as many as 20-25 drivers have a chance.
1. You have to earn it. I believe a crew chief for the Nationwide series said it best, “She has never been wrong a day in her life.” He said that after an accident which she was involved in. The only reason she is out there is because she sells T-shirts and looks good doing it. Most other drivers of her caliber are either racing in some third rate series in Japan or bagging groceries at the Safeway.

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