The Odds: Indy 500 2011 Edition

May 9, 2011
by Lee

Welcome to a little bit of fun we have each year with some fictional odds for the Indianapolis 500 Race Weekend. The odds started out as kind of a joke on who would win our little annual Cole Horn Hole challenge that takes place when our group gets together for races. Along with the odds that we present, came a little bit of fun from good friends getting together from time to time. At one point during a race weekend, Dave pulled out a deck of cards and welcomed us to Dave’s Casino, where the odds are way in the house’s favor. Money is not accepted at Dave’s Casino, but drinks are usually the form of punishment for not winning in a game of chance. We carry on our tradition this year and share our fake odds for the upcoming events surrounding the Indy 500 Race Weekend:

Danica Patrick to Win 150 to 1
Dario Franchitti to Win 25 to 1
Marco Andretti to Win 50 to 1
Helio Castroneves to Win 35 to 1
Penske Racing to Win 10 to 1
Ganassi Racing to Win 10 to 1
Andretti Racing to Win 10 to 1
Pole Sitter to Win 20 to 1
Winner from Front Row 15 to 1
Winner from First 1/3 of Field 12 to 1
Winner from Second 1/3 of Field 25 to 1
Winner from Back 1/3 of Field 50 to 1
Starter Drops the Green Flag on the Start 125 to 1
AJ Foyt Crashes the Pace Car 250 to 1
Start of Race Delayed by Rain 25 to 1
Race Delayed by Rain after Start 50 to 1
Race Run on Monday 100 to 1
Race Delayed Beyond Monday 1000 to 1
Group Parks on the Infield 100 to 1
Grilling Utensils Forgotten 15 to 1
Cautions Over Under 7.5
Caution Free Race 500 to 1
Race Ends Under Caution 35 to 1
Danica Patrick Wrecks 20 to 1
Wreck in front of the Group 10 to 1
Car Gets Airborne 25 to 1
Fight in the Crowd Witnessed by the Group 20 to 1
Car Keys Lost by the Group 100 to 1
Cell Phone Lost by Member of the Group 100 to 1
Dave Beats Lee at Corn Hole 25 to 1
Lee Beats Dave at Corn Hole 15 to 1
Member of the Group Interviewed by the Media 30 to 1

What being interviewed by the media may look like (this is the NASCAR Race)

Over Under on Beers Consumed by the Group 200.5
Chris Makes it to the Race 20 to 1
Balloons Released Early 150 to 1
Previous 500 Winner to Win 15 to 1
Female Wins the Race 500 to 1
Dave Uses His Paramedic Skills on Sunday 50 to 1
Fire in the Pits 500 to 1
Object that Should not be on Fire on Fire in the Parking Lot 200 to 1
Danica Crashes in Front of the Group 200 to 1
Leader at the Start of the Last Lap Does Not Win 200 to 1
Leader at Halfway Goes on to Win 100 to 1
Group Sees Spectator(s) Arrested 50 to 1
Someone in the Group Encounters Trouble with a Golden Bozo (Security) 100 to 1

What a Golden Bozo (center, flanked by your typical run of the mill bozos) may look like

Someone in the Group Makes it on Pit Road Before the Race Without Credentials (Yes, it has happened) 200 to 1

Proof that a group member has made it onto Pit Road (NOT A PHOTOSHOP)

Someone in the Group Gets Lost on the Way Back to the Parking Lot 100 to 1
Food for the Tailgate is Forgotten 20 to 1
Keys to the Car Locked in the Car 200 to 1
Someone In the Group Meets a Celebrity 250 to 1

Gene Simmons and Chris (NOT A PHOTOSHOP)

33rd Qualifier to Win 250 to 1
First Caution on Lap 1 5 to 1
Pole Sitter Wrecks on the First Lap 1000 to 1
Danica Leads a Lap 15 to 1
The Car Breaks Down at the Speedway 5000 to 1
Rookie Driver Wins 250 to 1
Cubs Win o Race Day 20 to 1
Cardinals Win on Race Day 10 to 1

More than likely we will add more items to this list, so please check back often during the Month of May. We may try to put these into PDF and have a little fantasy odds contest during the month, so look for that as well. Be sure to comment if you think these need to be adjusted. Follow us on Twitter @troublinturntwo

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