One mile of high bank narrow track racing awaits the NASCAR Nationwide Series drivers today at the Dover International Speedway. Dover is a high speed track that can chew up race cars at a moment’s notice. Drivers must be cautious if the incident occurs in front of them and goes to the top of the track. With the high banks of the track, cars wrecking high are going to be sliding to the bottom of the track.

Rain has fallen at the race track this morning and early afternoon. No rubber is left on the track, and the drivers will have to navigate a green race track at the start of the race. Due to the rubber being washed off the track, NASCAR will throw a competition caution on lap 40 fir teams to check their tires. With the rain this morning as well, the field was set by practice speed, Carl Edwards and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. will lead the field up to speed.

Cars are rolling off pit road for the pace laps, we should get the green in about three or four laps. Okay, we are now around ten laps into the parade laps, but the lights are off on the pace car, and we go green! Edwards leads them into turn one on the low side, but Stenhouse Jr. rockets past Edwards off of turn two. Caution is out on lap with a wreck in three and four involving Donnie Neuenberger and Black Koch. Mike Bliss bumped Neuenberger and shot him into the wall collecting Koch.

Lap 8 and we get the restart as Stenhouse Jr. rockets through one and two to maintain the lead. Clint Bowyer gets past Edwards to move into the second position. The field is two by two back a ways from the leaders. Lap 10 and things are settling in with much of the field single file. Kyle Busch has moved up to the seventh position.

Lap 20 and we get caution for Kevin Lepage getting into the wall. Right front tire damage and it is not rolling. Looks like a tire went down on the car and Lepage shot directly into the wall. Leaders do not hit pit road on the caution. With the competition caution being roughly 20 laps away, no need for the front runners to pit at this time.

Lap 24 and the green is back out and Clint Bowyer jumps past Stenhouse Jr. on the low side to take the lead into turn one. Lap 30 and Stenhouse Jr. gets the lead back with a pass on the high side of Bowyer going through turn two.

Lap 40 and Bowyer jumps back into the lead of Stenhouse Jr. Lap 41 and we get the competition caution. Pit road is open and the lead lap cars are in for service. Edwards leads the race off of pit road with Bowyer second.

Two codes for the Code Spotter that I have seen today, Caution and Sadler.

Lap 45 and we go back to racing with Bowyer getting the advantage off of turn and two. Edwards settles into the second spot. Lap 47 and Brian Scott gets into the front stretch wall with heavy nose damage to the car. Two straight weeks in the wall for Scott, he took a hard hit in the back stretch wall last week at Darlington.

Lap 51 and Bowyer brings them back to life and off into one. Edwards holds stong on the high side, but not strong enough as Bowyer gets away.

Lap 70 and the top five is Bowyer, Edwards, Joey Logano, Reed Sorenson, and Kyle Busch. Not a whole lot to talk about at as the race goes on. The cars are nose to tail and logging laps.

Lap 76 and Edwards grabs the lead when Bowyer had to slow for a car that almost spun off of turn two. Edwards did not have to slow and shot past Bowyer to capture the top spot.

Lap 87 and Alex Kennedy hammers the back stretch wall with the right side of the car. Caution is out and we should see leaders to pit road on the caution. Kennedy now gets hammered on the backstretch by Kevin Swindell. Kennedy just pulled up on the track right into the direction of Swindell. Kennedy is actually lucky to walk away from this one. Leaders are in for pit stops and Brad Keselowski leads them off of pit road with Edwards second. Kyle Busch has damage on the front end of the car, as well as Sorenson. Cars all got bunched up coming into pit road.

Half Way Stats:

Leaders: 6 for 10 Lead Changes

Laps Led: Clint Bowyer 37

Cautions: 5 for 30 Laps

Average Speed: 88.212

Lead Lap Cars: 21

Lap 101 and the green flag comes back out and Keselowski leads them into one. Edwards now jumps back to the lead. Kyle Busch restarted 18th and within a lap or so he is back into the 12the position. Busch jumped to outside in turn one and two on the restart lap and passed a slew of cars.

Lap 120 and the top five is Edwards, Logano, Bowyer, Keselowski, and Elliot Sadler. Sadler has quietly had another good run today.

Lap 140 or so and we get caution for Justin Allgaier losing a tire and going into the wall. Leaders are on pit road for tires and fuel. This could be the last stop of the day. Edwards is off first with Logano second.

Lap 144 and the red flag is out for rain. Cars have been brought down pit road. Josh Wise did not pit under caution and is the leader under the red flag. After just over a 20 minute delay, the drivers have been called back to their cars.

Red flag has been lifted and Josh Wise cannot get his car fired, but now is going. Wise will be allowed to go back to his spot, but will probably pit before the race restarts. Under the caution before the red, Sadler and Allgaier were penalized for speeding on pit road. Wise does now hit pit road.

Lap 148 and we are finally back green. Off of turn two Logano gets a nose on Edwards but he ralies back. The leaders are side by side to the line. Back off of turn two Logano is at the point with Edwards seconds. Bowyer currently holds the third position, with Keselowski fourth, and Kyle Busch fifth.

Lap 170 and the top five is Logano, Edwards, Bowyer, Keselowksi, and Sorenson.

15 laps to go and Edwards is withing a couple of car lengths of Logano. Edwards is now there on the bottom of three and four. Logano holds the lead, but now back in two Edwards grabs the lead. Bowyer is now in the mix as he is just behind Logano in third.

Ten to go and the top five is Edwards, Logano, Bowyer, Keselowski, Sorenson.

Caution with four laps to go. Michael Annett spins on the front stretch. Green white checker finish for the race tonight.

Green flag is out and Edwards gets a great jump on the restart. Edwards leads it off of turn two, but a caution comes out for Eric McClure’s car which has stalled just in front of the entrance to pit road.

Second attempt at green white check and the green is out. Edwards and Logano side by side through two. Big wreck on the front stretch with a number of cars involved on the front stretch. Logano got bumped by Edwards and then hit the wall and collected Bowyer. Bowyer’s car then got airborne, and other cars piled in. White flag was already out and the Edwards win.

Leaders: 8 for 17 Lead Changes

Cautions: 9 for 47 laps

Average Speed: 95.18 MPH

Lead Lap Cars: 16

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