Indianapolis 500 First Take

May 1, 2011
by Lee


Each year I (Lee) have a conversation with Dave about what he expects during the month of May at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Dave is frequently leaves comments on articles on, but this is his month to shine as he leads our Indianapolis 500 Mile Race coverage. Below are some questions that I sent to Dave to get his first take and impressions on the 100th Anniversary of the Greatest Spectacle in racing.

Here they are:

What will be the most intriguing story to watch at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this month?

Good question, I am always intrigued to see if anyone can overtake Target Chip Ganassi or Team Penske for the Pole.

What is the buzz around Indianapolis now that May has arrived?

The buzz hasn’t really started yet. Normally, it would be building up to pole day in a couple of weeks, but they have combined all qualifying into one weekend. I would say in the next week or so once cars hit the track, the buzz will start.

With no ovals before the 500, do you think this will hinder some teams when cars hit the track?

I believe that most drivers are naturals on ovals. If it was the other way around, it would be more interesting.

Who will be one of the regulars in the IndyCar series that will be clawing and fighting their way into the 500 on Bump Day?

I would go with someone from Andretti Motorsports. They might not be on the bubble, but they will go into the second day with no guarantee. If all goes well, it would be herdanicaship on the bubble.

What kinds of speeds are you expecting this year?

A lot depends on the weather, but I would think the Pole speed would be close to 230. Each year the cars seem to get just a bit faster.

Who is the rookie to keep on eye for the 500?

JR Hildebrand

Who will have a Danica moment this year and blame everyone but themselves for a lack of speed?

I am guessing you mean other than the princess herself. I will go with another Andretti driver, Marco Andretti.

What is the attendance expectation for race day with this being the 100th anniversary?

The attendance has been rising over the past few years. Weather permitting you could see 350-400,000

I ask you this every year, how long into practice will it be before the first car is in the wall, and who will it be?

It will happen on day one after maybe 125 laps have been put down.

What do you personally look most forward to about the of month of May at Indy?

The obvious answer would be beer and good friends. The anticipation building up to “driver’s start your engines”, Back home again in Indiana, 1 million balloons leaving town, God bless America just to name a few. But the thing I look forward to the most is being able put all of your cares away for a few hours while at the track and of course the shenanigans that follow.

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  • Jeff Spiller says:

    I envision plenty of laughs, fond memories, cold drinks, and corn hole…….oh and some racing in there as well. Looking forward to some good times with good friends.

  • Lee says:

    Do you have any thoughts on what will be seen this month at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Please feel free to leave a comment with your answers to these questions!

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