Lee is detained with work (work just gets in the way of everything fun.) this race day so, there will not be and immediate race recap.

But here are that the top five drivers:

  1. Edwards
  2. Steward
  3. Montoya
  4. Ambrose
  5. Newman

So to entertain you in the mean time, here are some tweets from the last 100 or so laps.  Be sure to follow us on twitter.com @troublinturntwo!

JennaFryer Jenna Fryer

Cam from Modern Family just walked thru garage, out to pit road, and said “wow! This is cool.” #nascar


GAgal28 Kristin

One could only wonder why MM isn’t in the top 10 right now. Could it be his CC? You know the 1 #Jr had. Thank goodness we a new 1!! #nascar


christine_85 Christine

Watching smoke, harvick and burton coming up the pack together is like a gang of kids walking down a hallway ready to push you over. #nascar


davidevertsen David Evertsen

I wonder if DW knows what I am thinking right now, or maybe Larry Mac does. #NASCAR They seem to know what the fans and drivers are.


ChuckSwayze KJR

#NASCAR races should have a camera that solely records high fives when the race is won. Who wouldn’t watch that? #whitemanhigh5s#slapping5


RacingWithRich Richard Allen

Not sure whether it’s Harvick or Ragan but 14 spotter refers to one of them as “Cupcake”. Isn’t that sweet? #NASCAR


vica_rockstar Vica S

Is it wrong that I’ve bribed my fiance to somewhat pay attention to #nascar?


TheRacingGeek The Racing Geek

Cue the Jaws music, Jimmie Johnson has quietly worked his way up to 9th. #NASCAR


davidevertsen David Evertsen

by BuckyButler

DW how the hell do you know what he is thinking in the car?? That is BS come on guys… #NASCAR Give us facts don’t make them up!!


JGinfo Jeff Gordon Online

Jeff Gordon hits the wall in turn 2 — blown tire. Car is destroyed.. to the garage. #NASCAR

ncisgleek4eva92 Karen Munoz

A jersey driver followed by a colombian driver 2nd & 3rd (truex jr and montoya) represent! #nascar


cruetten corey ruetten

by jigsaw11sports

trevor bayne won the daytona 500??? thanks FOX for telling me every five minutes… #nascar



j_guillen0317 Jose J. Guillen

Biggest hypocrites ever #NASCAR fans: they pray before the race miss Church on Sunday to watch it, and they get shit-faced on the Lord’s day


IndyRacingNut Tony Wittrien

@seeuatthefront I can make an entire shrimp curry bisque in the time it takes to complete one #Nascar caution period.


Motley_Su Su Ring-Vitue

#NASCAR announcer just said, “He’s been diddling away.” about Dale, Jr. Maybe not the best choice of words, ya think?



KarlBarthJr Karl Barth

Oh lord!! DW is getting on the junebug bandwagon again #nascar.


leewarren Lee Warren

First two Cup races this year have produced feel good winners. Wondering if this race is going to do the same. #nascar


digger3210 Jon Diggs

Nice to see Fox realized @RyanNewman39 is actually in this race!


smokefan94 Heather Costes

can we just call the race for imaginary rain #nascar


RacingBluejay Jim

Guess all the weight loss is paying off for Tony, each pound has to be worth a 10th or so mile an hour #NASCAR#NSCS


nicalees Nicalee Sowders

Sometimes I wonder if Kenseth needs glasses, Vickers last week, Bayne this week…#NASCAR


kentuckyprophet kentuckyprophet

Montoya leading now after Stewart pit stop. I’m rooting for Montoya now and against old white people who will get mad if he wins. #nascar


TheRacingGeek The Racing Geek

Has anyone had a worse day than the gasman for Greg Biffle? #NASCAR


RacingWithRich Richard Allen

Since they’re in Vegas, what are the odds Biffle has a new gas man in Bristol? #NASCAR


shagers Shane Rogers

by AllenWedge

I’ll tell you what the problem is: Marcos Ambrose’s lack of an italic number is severely limiting his chances of winning this race. #nascar


seeuatthefront Katie

C’mon, Stewart. He’s the least evil of the top 3… #NASCAR


beachpig beachpig

Ironic that Biffle is in the Ethanol commercial seeing that his pit crew can’t figure out how to gas his car #nascar


skhighwayman JD

wow only one guy finished this race!!! Hello @nascaronfox what about the rest of the field??????? #fail#nascar

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