Bristol Motor Speedway

This week the stars of the Nationwide and Sprint Cup series go to the “World’s Fastest Half Mile” otherwise known as the Bristol Motor Speedway. Short track racing will be the order of the weekend as old grudges might be settled, as well as new grudges ignited. Bristol is always an exciting race to be marked on the calendar as a do not miss event. Bristol is also the coliseum of racing. The track is completely enclosed by seats, and in the past has been the hottest ticket in NASCAR. Do not be surprised if you see some empty seats at the track this season. Race four will probably be the first to not sell out this season.

NASCAR is off to a hot start this year with three different winners in the first three races. Although some drivers have shown consistency so far, none of the race winners have shown consistency week over week. This has given us a large churn in the point standing over the first handful of races. Bristol will probably bring us even more changes in the point standings this week. Kyle Busch is an example of this type of coming and going in the points. Busch went from the top of the standings at the beginning of Vegas to the 14th position in the points standings after losing an engine in the last race.

I will say that I am not a fan of points watching this earlier in the season. I know it is a saying, but you cannot guarantee your spot in the Chase for the Sprint Cup at this point in the season, but you can do a lot of harm to your chances early on. The points should be glanced at to see who has momentum and has the opportunity for a good season. Do not put too much stock in the points though; a lot of jumbling will still take place before we have a clear picture of who begins to get a grip on the coveted Chase spots. It is after the fifth or sixth race that I really start watching the points and how they are trending.

This weekend I will be attending the Jeff Byrd 500 presented by Food City at Bristol. It is a special weekend for me and a first for me at the races. No, this will not be the first race I have attended, or even the first race I have attended at Bristol. This will be the first race that my oldest son Andrew will be attending. Andrew is eight and a half years old and has been on me to take him to a race for a couple of years now. Andrew has not been patient enough in the past to take to the race, but has now earned his opportunity to see the greatest stock car drivers in the world race on one of the best circuits on the schedule. I will make sure some pictures are posted over the weekend and next week of our adventure to the speedway. With me being at the race this weekend, we will also feature a shorter recap of the Cup race, along with the best tweets of the day about the race. Speaking of Twitter, please follow both our Twitter accounts: @troublinturntwo and @herdanicaship .

Speaking of Danica Patrick, I want to take a moment to address Dave’s comments that he left on my article from last week. First let me say, Dave was the best man at my wedding many years ago, a founding member of this website, and a very gracious host to Alan and me when we visit Indy for the 500 and Brickyard 400 weekends. Dave indicated that I have drank the Kool-Aid on Danica and fallen into the media trap of completely going overboard and giving her too much credit for her performances in the Nationwide Series this year. I can understand where Dave is coming from and why he would say that. I indicated in my article I would not refer to Danica as herdanicaship in the Nationwide series any longer, or at least until I have reason to call her that again. Dave is not a fan of that decision, and believes that Danica has no talent. I disagree and do believe Danica has some talent. You do not get to where Danica is at in her career with zero talent. I merely want to say that Danica has come a long way from last year and is showing improvement. Please do not take this as an endorsement that Danica has learned everything she needs to learn about stock cars and how to get them up front for the win. I will say that I enjoyed Dave’s comments and have no problem with his position. I encourage any reader of this website to offer his or her opinions on the articles we put out. Remember you can register directly with our website, or use a FaceBook login to leave comments. We will always keep your information in the strictest of confidence.

We are just under two weeks to go until the Izod IndyCar series gets its season underway. We had a couple of developments in that series over the last week as well to touch upon. First, Firestone has announced that it will now produce tires for the series for the next two years of competition. Last week Firestone had announced it would only produce tires for this season. If I understand correctly, the team owners in the series pressured Firestone to produce the tires for two years (which also included the owners agreeing to pay more for the tires). This probably buys some time for the owners and league to negotiate a long term deal to keep Firestone on board. I cannot say I have a problem with this; Firestone does a good job with the tires used on the IndyCars.

IndyCar also announced that all restarts this season will be double file restarts. Earlier this year when the series announced double file restarts, these were only going to be used on the ovals. The series has made the right decision to use the double file restart on all tracks. At least now the restarts will be consistent and not confusing to the casual fan. Along with the double file restart, the series is also going to incorporate the lucky dog for the first car a lap down.

Have a great week, and check back often for our coverage of the upcoming races this weekend. Please take a moment to leave a comment; we would love to hear from anyone who stops by on the site. If you liked what you saw on the site, please tell a friend who might like the site as well.

My pick of the week for fantasy racing this week is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has been putting it together slowly, and I think this might be the breakout weekend for him. I appoligize now to all the Jr. fans, all of my picks so far this year have failed to finish the race.
Here are the wrecks of the week. Two instances, one from the Camping World Truck sereis race at Darlington, one from the AMA Pro Daytona SportBike race:


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