Bowles Fired, Gordon and Junior

March 2, 2011
by Lee

It is a lonely feeling when you watch the wrecker pull into your driveway and have to literally drag your car from the garage onto the flatbed. Reminded me of the race on Sunday when all of those cars were wrecked early in the race. The ignition tumbler and housing in the car decided to fall apart in my car leading to some pricey repairs. Alan had some vehicle adventures this week as well. We just wanted to throw out to please purchase replacement parts from companies that sponsor or represent NASCAR and the IZOD IndyCar series, we did!

Now that the bad news is out of the way, what is going on in the world of racing this week? Let’s start with a writer and a blogger named Thomas Bowles. Up until today, I was not aware of this writer and his story. Mr. Bowles was a writer for Sports Illustrated until earlier this week, or so. Mr. Bowles committed the worst crime ever, even more devilish and demonic than committing murder, at the end of the Daytona 500 a couple of weeks ago. At the end of the race when Trevor Bayne crossed the finished line, Mr. Bowles applauded in the press box for a total of five seconds.

From what I read about this obvious treasonous act against the United States of America, there is some type of journalistic force field in the press box that keeps people from covering, in this case, races from any personal or emotional response to what happens on the track. If I further understand press boxes, this is true of all press boxes. I completely understand that writers and journalists are supposed to be unbiased in their writing. I agree with that unless you explain that you are giving your opinion. Mr. Bowles may have been cheering for Bayne, but he may have been cheering for the excitement and the moment that the checker flag of the Daytona 500 brings, or any great finish to a race. Perhaps Mr. Bowles was excited that Bayne won because he knew that it was going to be a huge journalistic story he would be writing about.

In the end, this is one of the reasons I started writing this blog. Boring journalistic writers that are about emotional in their writing as Matt Kenseth is when he wins a race. NASCAR wonders why it has seen lower television ratings and disinterest in the sport, check the mainstream writers and publications that put out the same story over and over on NASCAR and auto racing. Show some emotion in your writing about a sport that the participants are literally on the edge and could lose their life doing what they love.

I enjoy opinions and people who write from the heart with emotion. I may not agree with every article that is written, but it at least gives me something to think about. I guess maybe because I have never been in the press box at Daytona, or really any press box, that I do not understand this entire culture. Oh well though. If you have a moment, please stop by and visit Mr. Bowles racing blog to support his personal endeavor.

Oh by the way, no one seemed to bitch too much about Darrell Waltrip showing some emotion in Daytona when Michael Waltrip won the truck race. I have no problem with Darrell’s reaction to his brother winning a fantastic race on the 10 year anniversary of Mikey winning the Daytona 500 and the loss of Dale Earnhardt. Just something to think about.

Jeff Gordon ends the winless streak at Phoenix. Could NASCAR have asked for any better start to the season? Obviously not, a win by a newcomer and then a popular veteran has a dominating drive and puts his car in victory lane. So what does Jeff Gordon have in store for the rest of the season?

It is my opinion that Gordon is going to have a good season and we will continue to see strong performances. I think that Gordon will win three or four races this season. Rick Hendrick once again looks like a genius with the changes he made over the winter. Alan Gustafson becoming Gordon’s crew chief was a genius move. It is the right combination for Gordon and it has paid dividends early. Keep in mind who knows what Gordon would have done had he not be involved in the crash at Daytona. He had a car capable of being there at the end. Look out because the kid is back with a new name: Big Daddy.

Let’s quickly talk some Dale Earnhardt Junior. Junior had a great run from the back of the pack on Sunday. Keep an eye on him and Steve Letarte to improve week to week. Again, Hendrick has made the right call here giving Junior a crew chief that is going to be cheerleader and urge him to the front. Letarte also does not get frustrated. This is exactly what Junior needs to find himself back in victory lane. This could come as early as this weekend in Las Vegas.

It is time for the fantasy pick of the week. Last week I picked Carl Edwards, and I was money on that with his qualifying effort. It also looked like I had a great pick for the race. We all know how that worked out in the end. Now this is the second week in a row that I have had my pick wreck. A new week is upon us, so maybe my pick will actually finish this week. My pick to win this week is Kyle Busch. We know how Rowdy is, and my guess is he is pissed off to no end that he did not get the sweep last week. He will drive the wheels off the car next week and bring home the checkered flag in his home town. Since I am going to pick him in the racing league, this probably puts him on the hook around lap 105.

Here is video of the wreck of the week. No surprise here, the big one at Phoenix:

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