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February 26, 2011
by Lee

Greetings everyone! We have a very important announcement to make about our website. Before we get to the news, let me give you a quick background of how www.cornholeatindy.com came to be.

Over the last couple of years, a group good friends had been getting together to attend the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400. We got a hold of some Indianapolis Colts corn hole boards, and the competition was on.

Once that year was completed, we decided to put together our own boards to continue competition. In all great athletic battles, it did not take long for trash talk to begin. Dave and myself began exchanging emails, voicemails, and text messages about who was going to win the corn hole games at the next race weekend.

An idea then sprung up between Alan and I. As part of my job, I needed to learn some basic html coding. In order to learn and practice html skills, the ultimate trash talk website would be created in order to poke fun at Dave and his corn hole skills. We kicked around some names for the site and finally settled on www.cornholeatindy.com.

We have used the site to chronicle our race weekends and poke fun at our group. We have also displayed how the trash talk website completely worked against me in my quest to beat Dave at corn hole. The scores have not been in my favor, and actually shows a complete dominance by Dave.

During the summer of 2010, I noticed on the internet that many of the bloggers and writers who cover racing do not confront the real issues facing the sport. They almost take themselves too seriously, and do not take into account the average fan’s perspective. I began writing my observations and thoughts on NASCAR and the IZOD IndyCar series.

Like all owners of a website, our goal is to have as many visitors as possible. We know that our site name has a connotation that may keep people from visiting our site. We also know the name does not really have anything to with auto racing. With this in mind, our domain name has now changed to www.troubleinturntwo.com.

Even though we are changing our site name, we will continue to bring you a fan’s perspective on NASCAR and the IndyCar series. We will also continue to chronicle our visits to the race track. We are excited about our new name, and hope that if you were a visitor to www.cornholeatindy.com, that you will continue to visit us at www.troubleinturntwo.com. Please also take a moment to comment on any of our articles. We want to be the number one site on the internet where race fans can be heard with their own perspectives. Going forward, you can leave comments on our site using your Facebook credentials, or simply by giving us your name and email address. Please know that we do not collect this information, and we would never sell our use your information in any way.

With that, once again welcome to www.troubleinturntwo.com, please tell a friend about us and visit us often.

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  • Alan says:

    There Might be some technical glitches still left to work out, like old image links in posts not too much time will be used to find and fix those. I’ve also noticed you might get a facebook connection error if you use facebooks https, it appears to be minor and doesn’t influence how it junctions.