It is always amazing to me how you anticipate something, in this case the Daytona 500, and then before you know it is over. Take for example vacation at work, you wait for it to start, then you blink your eyes, and your vacation is over and you are back on the job. That is how I feel about Daytona being over, all of a sudden I am back at work. With that, congratulations again to Trevor Bayne for bring home the win.

Let me start this midweek update with my feelings on the racing at Daytona from last weekend. I cannot say that I am a fan of the two car hookup.  A lot has been said about all of the lead changes, and the lead changes are cool. Keep in mind that many of those lead changes came from cars having to swap positions due to overheating. That means the cars were not actually racing back to the line to take the lead away from another driver. I know there were some times that another two car pack was taking the lead. I would rather be on the edge of my seat watching the pack than the two car hookups, but again that is just my lone humble opinion.

Trevor Bayne. Bayne is exactly what NASCAR needed. Bayne brings in a new face and a news story that people love to here. He is not shrouded in success already, and he is new. The headlines are not five times in a row champ wins another race, Kyle Busch takes another trophy home while pissing everyone off, or no emotion Matt Kenseth stares into space after winning. You can mix in just about any of the drivers that win frequently in the series. That is just what I went with here.

I am also happy that Bayne has decided to continue his pursuit of the Nationwide Series championship. Let’s face fact from the Daytona 500. The cars needed very minor adjustments during the race. Although a lot of skill and talent was involved in piloting the cars through the race, the need for the driver to diagnose what the car needs for the next stop was not present in the Daytona 500. We now move on from Daytona to the race tracks were you have to know how to diagnose and communicate what the car needs. Bayne will benefit greatly and will have a better chance at launching a very successful career in the Cup Series with further development in the Nationwide Series. As many have said, Bayne has already proven his wise beyond his 20 year age, and waiting a year to join the Cup side full time will not damage his skills in any way.

Herdanicaship (A.K.A. Danica Patrick) had a spectacular run on Saturday. Again, this is an instance that NASCAR needs. It is not that NASCAR needs her in every race this year; it generates buzz and excitement about the races. Although I am very critical of Herdanicaship in both the Nationwide Series and the IZOD IndyCar Series, I was pleasantly surprised last week. I would say that she has improved from last year, but I have the same problem with her performance that I just described with Master Bayne. Starting this week at Phoenix, will Herdanicaship be able to diagnose and communicate what the car needs this weekend? We will find out the answer to that question this Saturday.

Over the last couple of weeks I have focused on NASCAR and have neglected IndyCar. Here is a couple of quick news and notes to get to from the series. Tony Kanaan is once again without a race car to drive as the season approaches. His team was not able to secure the sponsorship and funding for the car. Hopefully TK can find a ride for the season. He is one of the interesting ones to watch on the track.

The final race of the IndyCar Series will be run at Las Vegas. The series is offering a five million dollar bonus to any driver from another series that can come in and win that race. The goal here is get in the news with the offer and draw attention to the series. The IndyCar series knows that many drivers will pay them no attention to the offer. Even if someone does take them up on the offer and were to win it, an insurance company would than likely pay out the prize money. I am not entirely sure why the gimmick is being played by IndyCar series. Probably is just a simple ploy to draw attention to the series.

I could go on and on this week with all the other news that is out there. So I will leave you this week with this.  My pick for the fantasy auto racing participants; go with  this week. He finished strong last season and strong at the Daytona 500. I think he will be off to a great start.

Finally, my pick for wreck of the week:

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