Day before the Duels

February 16, 2011
by Lee

I wonder what the fans in other countries think of NASCAR from time to time. We never really seem to get the outside of the United States perspective on America’s favorite racing series. I am sure they have to wonder why we build giant race tracks only to add equipment to the cars in order to make them go slower. By now you have either already heard, or have figured out from what I wrote above, NASCAR has made changes to slow the cars for the Daytona 500.

There has been talk on the internet today of whether this is a good or bad thing. The bad side is saying this proves NASCAR has no idea what it is doing, and this will only harm the attendance at the track and the ratings on television. Now to the casual observer, this is probably true. I am sure there will be a small percentage of viewers for Sunday that will not tune in because NASCAR made changes to slow the cars on the track. I am here to say in the end NASCAR made the right decision.

It is very simple here folks as to why NASCAR made the changes. Think back to last Saturday night when Denny Hamlin ducked below the yellow line and actually crossed the finish line first before Kurt Busch. Denny did not win the race because he was penalized for passing below the yellow line. Denny himself said during the qualifying show on Sunday during an interview that it was not worth wrecking Kurt and the other drivers up front to win the Shootout. Let’s fast forward to Sunday. Do you think Denny, or any other driver, will do the same thing this weekend? Of course the drivers are going to go for the win, we all know that. If the cars are traveling over 200 mph like they were in the Shootout, the likelihood of a car getting airborne is greater. How is NASCAR going to explain they knew it was a real possibility and did nothing about it if a car gets airborne and ends up in the seats.

Newsflash Daytona Beach, Florida, the FBI’s best agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, have arrived to investigate how in the world Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the pole for the Daytona 500.

Junior Cheats to Get the Pole?

Tony Kornholer from ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption accused NASCAR of rigging qualifying for Junior to win the pole. It is not often that I go this direction, Kornf****r should take his little show and… Now on to something to completely different. No sense if putting his name on the internet any more than it already is.

Duels are tomorrow. I am not going to pick winners for the Duels. We do know that Junior will be in a new ride after wrecking the pole winning car today.  It will be interesting to see how the racing goes tomorrow. I believe towards the end of the duel races we will see the two car hook ups. Prior to the final couple of laps, the regular pack racing or single file packs is what we will see. The 500 will be different, but the duels will be calm for the most part until we get to the end of them.

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Enjoy the racing tomorrow, and look for my next update on Friday night after the truck race. Damn work thing gets in the way of having fun watching the races.

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