NASCAR State of the Sport Address

January 26, 2011
by Alan

Brian France delivered the 2011 NASCAR State of the Sport Address tonight from the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Here are the highlights.

· Points awarded by one point increment. Race winners will get an extra three points. Lap leaders will also be given a point for leading a lap. Leading the most laps will get an additional point as well. Most points that can be earned in a race is 48.

· Chase qualification will be Top 10 cars in points with two other cars with the most wins that are not in the top 10, as long as they are in the Top 20 in points. Two wild card drivers are locked into places 11 and 12 when reseeding for the Chase occurs.

· Drivers may only compete for a championship in one series.

· Qualifying order will be set by practice speed times. Slowest drivers out first. Go or go homers still qualify in their own group.

· If qualifying rained out, field set by practice speeds.

· Would be nice at this point if Speed had not screwed up the audio feed. Something about the nose of the cars has changed.

· Something about driver for diversity. Her Danicaship was mentioned.

· Tribute to Dale Earnhardt and that this year marks the 10 year anniversary since his death.

· Dinner being provided to the media at the Hall after the question and answer session.

Those are the highlights of what Brian France had to say. Helton is now on stage as well. I am sure it will be a BS session where NASCAR makes it sound like they are doing everything to make it better for the fan. Major changes are above. Commentary this weekend on how the changes will change what we see from NASCAR.

Strangely enough, there was really no state of NASCAR discussed in this speech. Funny how they never really say anything about the state of NASCAR.

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