So I was thinking tonight, how can NASCAR and the tracks up attendance for their races? Easy, giveaways. I know, we have seen tracks give away a green flag or something like that. Better giveaways are needed to increase attendance, and I have the answer. Here is my list of the top ten items that should be given away by NASCAR and the tracks to increase attendance at the races in the upcoming 2011 season.
10. Tofu Veggie Burger day. Encouraging NASCAR fans to eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle by eliminating meat in the pre-race meal.
9. Sunoco gas can day. Every hundredth gas can filled with a free two and a half gallons of Sunoco fuel.
8. Burnt fuel room deodorizer. A new fragrance to spray around the house to keep that “at the races” smell going long after the checkered flag has fallen.
7. Jagged sheet metal pieces. By taking the sheet metal of the wrecked cars from the season before, the first 10,000 fans attending a race can be given a piece jagged sheet metal to hold and keep as a memento from visiting the track.
6. Hot dog wrappers for release. Crowd participation comes to NASCAR as fans are given hot dog wrappers to release in the hopes of making their way to the track and onto the grill of the one of the race cars. You may help or hurt your driver giving you the thrill of being more than just a spectator at the race.
5. Fishing rod and reel day. Obviously this one is sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, but help your driver reel in the competition on race day and bring home dinner the next week at the lake with your new Zebco.
4. Cash America coupon day. Went to the races and now you are a little light in the wallet, get that payday loan with a little discount from your friends at Cash America.
3. Wrangler Jeans day. Wrangler helps the NASCAR faithful become a little more refined by replacing those jeans with the holes in them with a pair that does not provide that summer time air conditioning you have been bragging about.
2. Beer bong day. Everyone knows that you cannot enjoy the race in a sober state, in order to help sobriety leave you for race day, enjoy bonging beers with your official NASCAR beer bong. Precisely engineered to hold one twelve ouncer for consumption via the magic funnel.
1. NASCAR retro flashback day. Relive those Winston Cup days, and how NASCAR was really formed, with a mason jar of white lightening and two free packs of Winston cigarettes. Relive the boot legging days and when smoking was not looked upon as if you were the devil.
Remember it is all about marketing and putting bodies in the seats. What giveaways would you recommend? Sign in and let us know.

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