And from the annals of  “I could have told you that”.

The study appears to have excluded racing events, our guess is that the troubleinturntwo crew alone would likely have skewed those numbers.


Just in time for Sunday’s Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears matchup and all the human antifreeze it will entail, researchers have come up with the shocking discovery that many people drink heavily at professional sporting events.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota tested the blood alcohol content of 362 people emerging from stadiums. They tell the Chicago Tribune that 40 percent of the participants had some alcohol in their system and 8 percent were legally drunk.

Lead author Darin Erickson says researchers waited outside Major League Baseball and National Football League games and randomly approached fans as they left. Those who consented took a breath test and answered questions about drinking.

Erickson says those most likely to be drunk included fans age 35 or younger and those who had been tailgating.

*Disclaimer: This site and the people responsible for this site do not condone over indulging and driving, but it does make for a much more interesting time.

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