It’s Time and Offseason Looming

November 17, 2010
by Lee

So here we are, race 36 and round 10 in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Thousands of miles of racing, hundreds of gallons of fuel, countless cautions, destroyed sheet metal, expired engines, dropped lug nuts, elation, and heartbreak, it all comes down to one four hundred mile race at the Homestead Miami Speedway. On Sunday, it’s time to play your last hand.

So where do we stand. Let’s face reality first. Kevin Harvick has had an outstanding season, but he has basically been eliminated from winning the championship. Harvick is not mathematically eliminated, but both the Evil Empire “A.K.A. Jimmie Johnson” and Denny Hamlin would both have to finish at the back of the pack for Harvick to win the Cup. Yes it could happen, but it is unlikely that will happen.

Tossup is what we have going to Miami. Evil Empire and Hamlin are separated by just 15 points for the championship. It comes down to just a few positions on the track that could decide the championship. A dropped lug nut, a speeding penalty, or a commitment cone violation could spell doom at any time. You also have forty one other drivers on the track that could figure into the championship as well. It’s hard to say what is going to happen in basically a two man race winner take all situation.

Now for my prediction!

The Evil Empire will leave the Homestead Miami Speedway with his fifth consecutive Sprint Cup Championship. Hamlin has had a strong run all year, and throughout the Chase. If Hamlin does not give up all of the points last week at Phoenix, the Empire is defeated. Four straight years of bringing home the Cup has to stand for something. In this situation, the Evil Empire has the steel pills that it is going to take on Sunday afternoon to bring the Cup home. I am not saying that Denny is a pushover by any means. I just feel the #48 team is going to have what it takes in a close points battle to retain the Cup. The Empire strikes back and stops the Fed Ex insurgency when the checkered flag falls for the final time this year.

Offseason Looming

When the curtain comes down on the 2010 NASCAR season on Sunday, Corn Hole at Indy will complete its second racing season of existence as well. We have had an exciting year and a great time following the racing series and bringing what we believe is our unique perspective to the action on and off the track. If you are a casual reader of our site, or read every article, you might wonder what we have in store for the offseason. That is a good question and let me address that.

In the next couple of weeks we will bring you a best of the blogs feature, and a recap of our favorite photos captured at the Indy races. Alan and I are also working in the background on a brand new general user interface for the site with new features for next year. We will also anticipate the new racing season that will get started around mid February. Predictions will be made prior to the start of the season, and any important breaking news will be discussed via the blog.

With all of this and the big finish coming up this weekend, we wish everyone a joyous Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas season, as well as a Happy New Year.

From all of us at, we are about to cross over the six months ago time period we were at the Indy 500. That means the countdown clock is officially back to the point where we are looking forward to the 2011 edition of the race, instead of talking about what we saw in this running. That means it is not too far off that the annual reunion on Memorial Day Weekend plans will be coming together.

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