NASCAR–The Chase and the Titanic

October 23, 2010
by Lee

So I was just on FaceBook and saw a question from the Jeff Gordon fan page. The question was what would happen on Sunday during the race. Me being the person that I am, I gave the most realistic answer possible. Before giving you my answer, here is what I noticed from other Gordon fans. Jeff will win. We are going to victory lane. The 24 will dominate. Now for my answer: “Letarte will find a way to make the wrong adjustments to the car at a critical time in the race”. Sorry my fellow Jeff Gordon fans, but facts are facts.

So we roll into Martinsville this week for Chase Race 6. I am looking forward to an interesting race this week at the shortest track on the circuit. Since the field is already set with Denny Hamlin on the pole, the Evil Empire, A.K.A. Jimmie Johnson, will start 19th. Not totally sure of the points, but I would guess that will give Hamlin the points lead at the start of the race.

Although the racing has been close through the Chase so far, and there are contenders that have an opportunity to win the championship, let’s not mess around. The Chase is going to come down to Hamlin and the Empire. Will the Evil Empire have more tricks left in the Lowe’s Star Destroyer, or is Fed Ex going to deliver the championship back to Joe Gibbs Racing? To be honest, I am not sure who is going to win it yet. Watch over the next couple of weeks to see me finally pick a winner. I just cannot commit yet. Talladega looms next week as well. Since it is election season with that looming as well, ‘Dega can be a game changer.

This is going to be a short one for today, so one more topic for this posting. It would appear that Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) is going to be going out of business after this week. Reports are that RPM owes roughly $12 million and has not been paying its obligations for a lengthy period of time now. This is the sad state that NASCAR and its teams are in now. We have also learned this week that the Daytona Experience is closing as well. Furthermore, the Hall of Fame in Charlotte is not making any money either.

I fear for the health of NASCAR at the conclusion of next season. You can survive a season of downturns, but two in a row would indicate an immediate turnaround is unlikely. There is nothing to indicate that attendance is going to pick up, as well as TV ratings. The changes in schedule, and more than likely changes to the Chase for next year, are not going to fix NASCAR’s problems. When the France family decides to finally listen to what the fans want, then maybe the tide will turn. Yes, Kentucky will sell out, but there are 34 other dates on the schedule that may not.

Here is the challenge, you tell me what the fans want that will actually turn the Titanic back the right direction.

Once more side note, Go Rangers!

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