Dega is Over

October 31, 2010
by Lee

Well, I was right about one thing, one of the top three Chasers was involved in an accident. What I did not expect was that Chaser would end up finishing the race second. A wild ride went on down in Alabama today. If you missed the race, you missed a little bit of everything.

It was amazing to watch the race unfold. Two cars could hook up nose to tail and outrun the field by a second a lap. The only problem with this strategy, the pushing car would over heat after about two laps. This required the pushing car to then go to the lead, and the other car would push. When this change would occur, the pack was breathing right back on top of them.

Dale Jr. had a good go of it early on today. He ended up leading the most laps on the day before he found the wall in a three car accident. It was hard to keep track of who led how many laps because every lap seemed to have a lead change.

Strategies were mixed all day long. Denny Hamlin dropped to the back, as well as the Evil Empire (A.K.A Jimmie Johnson). At one point in the race Hamlin lost the draft and ended up going a lap down. He did eventually get his lap back. The Evil Empire was happy to run at the back all day until about 13 laps to go.

Even during the pit stops and yellow flags, Kevin Harvick was doing everything possible to keep the Evil Empire from leading a lap. Harvick dropped from first all the way to 26th, or something close to that, and instantly went back to the front when the green flag came back out. Interesting strategy that was used by Harvick.

Harvick eventually gets caught up in a mini-big one. Front end damage. I wondered at this point if he would stay up front or be running in the back. The only thing that can be said is that Harvick’s car was extremely good because he stayed at the front.

With 13 laps to go, Jeff Gordon and the Evil Empire pushed their way to the front after riding in the back all day. Looked like two cars who were shot out of a cannon. As soon as they reached the front, Gordon began crying about his engine was blowing up or something like that. I personally have to believe that Gordon has lost the edge to win. Funny how his engine did not blow up and he finished in the top 10. My guess is that he knew no one was going to help the Evil Empire and he had to find another car to help him back in the pack for another run to the front.

Things get wild and the leaders take the white flag, and all hell breaks loose behind the leaders. This included the #43 ending up on its roof and skidding down the front stretch. Seems that the Sprint Cup series cannot go to Dega without a car ending up on the roof.

Chaos ensued after the yellow from was thrown. It took roughly five to ten minutes before NASCAR declared that Clint Bowyer had won the race. I will say that I applaud NASCAR for taking extra time to get that decision right. The image shown when the caution was thrown clearly showed Bowyer leading.

The wild card race is over, and the Evil Empire gained just a couple of points on Hamlin, but gave points back to Harvick. Three are still in the mix to win the cup. Three races to go in the season, on to Texas next week.


I promised my top five sponsors that need to get involved in NASCAR based on Hendrick Motorsports announcing a sponsorship with AARP and the Drive to End Hunger.

5. Lipton Tea. Who else can provide you that southern sweet tea taste other than Lipton. Keep in mind if you are not drinking beer at the race and you are in the South, you are probably drinking sweet tea.

4. Elavil. You are probably wondering what that is. Elavil is an antidepressant drug that can be used to treat tinnitus. Tinnitus is ringing in the ears. So you forget your earplugs when you go the race, now there is a way to make the ringing in the ears go away.

3. Wiffle Ball. If you stop by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or any other speedway for that matter, you will find there a number of tailgating games that can be played with the equipment provided by the Wiffle Ball company. If they knew the marketing potential, they would be lined up to sponsor a car.

2. The Federal Government. Now I understand that the government has had some sponsorship deals into NASCAR in the past. The White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court should all sponsor cars. Nothing like twisting the conservative NASCAR base by so called wastefully spending some stimulus money on sports. The fact is that the government would be saving jobs as the stimulus is intended.

1. And finally, Vagisil. All I can say is that South Park had it right. Just think of how viewership would increase.

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