What a race on Saturday night for the boys of the NASCAR Nationwide Series. If you watched the race, you know that the majority of the race was actually non eventful. The boys ran around the track with Brad Keselowski leading most of the way. Some cautions came out towards the end of the race setting up for what happened.

The final restart occurred with Carl Edwards leading the way. Going through turn one, Keselowski bumped Carl up the track to take the lead. The fireworks flew when Keselowski and Edwards came out of turn four coming to the checkered flag. Edwards, for now the second time this season, took Keselowski out and went on to win the race (Only this race was won, Carl was a lot of laps down when he took out Keselowski at Atlanta). Keselowski slammed the outside wall and spun back to the inside of the track with the rest of the field barreling to the checkered flag. Keselowski’s car was then hammered in the front end with parts and pieces spraying everywhere.

Have a watch if you have not seen it:

Now I have no problem with Carl going back after Brad for the bump given in turn one. I do have a problem when the guy gets taken out of the race completely and put in a dangerous situation like the one that occurred on Saturday night. In a past article I referenced Jeff Gordon losing his mind for bumping cars. Carl Edwards has flat out become a danger to Brad Keselowski, and the other competitors on the track. We all remember the first

incident from earlier this season in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series:

Okay, I chose a video to also remind us of Carl flying through the air at Talladega as well. I am all for the wide open racing and bumping and running that has been occurring. The Evil Empire (A.K.A. Jimmie Johnson) and Kurt Busch got it right earlier this season at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Kurt bumped the Evil Empire out of the way, but did not get far enough ahead. The Evil Empire caught Busch and bumped him back and won the race. No one was wrecked and neither driver complained about the incident, except to say it was good hard racing. Even Jeff Gordon had admitted after his bumping exploits that payback will come around in the near future.

My reason for being upset with Edwards on Saturday night is that you can see the car make a hard left when he gets in the back of Edwards. It was not a nudge make you loose and I am going to win. It was you are not going to finish this race. Maybe it is because Edwards wants the points title and thinks that is the only way he can get back in the points race. Possibly it could also be that Edwards has it stuck in his mind like he is playing a video game where there is a reset button for him to push if someone were to get hurt. In my opinion, not cool Carl. NASCAR should take a harder look at Edwards for his actions.

One more point on this deal. I railroaded Baby Joey Logano’s dad after the Pocono incident. Brad’s father had some harsh statements about Edwards in a post race interview. I have no problem with harsh words being said. Two times this year Mr. Keselowski has seen his soon escape situations that could have caused life threatening injuries. He spoke from the heart and what he thought about the situations. Again, in my opinion different situations and handled much differently in both situations.

On the road to Indy on Thursday to Dave’s place. Alan will be making the trek to Indy for the festivities as well. We will be taking in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series on Friday night at the O’Reilly Raceway Park. Saturday will be at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for qualifying and practice. Sunday is the big day for Brickyard 400. Quick picks, Jeff Gordon gets his fifth, Juan Pablo Montoya celebrates the birth of a child this week with a top 5, the Evil Empire wrecks in flames in turn three like he did a few years ago, and finally Mark Martin has a great run.

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