At the conclusion of last week’s Cup race in Pocono, Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano were involved in an incident as the leader was approaching the white flag. Logano spun out and the yellow was displayed sending the race into overdrive. Denny Hamlin held the lead through the extra laps and took home another checkered flag for his personal collection.

As the cars came to pit road and heading back to the garage, Logano apparently had enough of Harvick interfering with him on the race track. Logano drive his up to Harvick’s car and got out. A sort of may lay ensued with Logano having to be held back by his team. Later on Logano was interviewed and indicated that Delana Harvick was the really the one wearing the fire suit in the Harvick family.

I found the quote to be interesting and somewhat humorous. It was humorous until I saw the full replay of the incident on pit road. Check this out yourself (4:08 of the video) before I continue on:

Now, I am not sure why no other articles picked up on this after the comment made by Little Joey. Why was Joey’s Daddy running in there and helping him get after Harvick? Joey’s Daddy had to push a crew member out of the way and point towards Harvick to encourage Baby Joey to go after Harvick.

Now I have no problem Logano sticking up for himself and being upset about being spun out. What I do have a problem with is a professional stock car driver having his dad come run out to pit road to stick up for him. It is not his wife or girlfriend, hell even if he had a boyfriend to come stick up for him (Who am I say?), but do not shoot off your mouth about another driver’s wife when dad is running out to give you directions on how handle the situation.

Moving on now, great race in Texas last week for the IZOD Indy Car series. Dave has to be pleased that Danica had a great run. Actually, I am sure he cringed the entire race and just waited for her rub Go Daddy all over the walls of the Texas Motor Speedway. One week from Sunday the stars of the IRL get it on in Iowa.

Finally, the NASCAR Sprint Cup series goes to Michigan this week. My thoughts are that we will see a decent race. Look for Roush to be in front, possibly even Matt Kenseth getting the win this week. Yes, I cannot stand actually having to type that, but I have a feeling a win is coming for the guy. By the way as well, will Steve Letarte ever get the car right at the end of the race for Jeff Gordon? I am tired of seeing the Dupont Chevrolet (no longer allowed to say Chevy according to GM) starting well, and fading all race long.

Till next week, happy racing, and good corn holing.

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