So I have to say right from the start, I am pleasantly pleased with the racing that we were treated to this weekend. The Iowa Corn Indy 250 featured a lot of good side by side racing and lead changes, and the NASCAR Toyota Save Mart 350 featured some good battles toward the front, and some good road course racing throughout the field. Without thinking twice about it, here are my thoughts.

Let’s start with the opening ceremony for the corn race. Now, with this website being named, we are fans of corn. Without corn in the bags, we really would not be playing corn hole when we get together for our race weekends. I do have a problem with political statements being delivered prior to the start of a race. Whatever the jack hole’s name was giving the start your engine command, had to ramble on how there are “no tar balls” associated with the use of ethanol. Please do not get me wrong, I am for renewable energy and doing what you can to take care of environment. Giving the command to start engines for the race is not the time to take a shot at the ever polluting look the other way make as much money as possible and screw everybody else who has been harmed British Petroleum (BP).

The race got under with a semi spectacular wreck involving two cars. It does not really matter who was involved in the wreck, but it was a decent dispersing of energy via release of car parts via the safer barrier. Once the race got back under way, cars were side by side battling for the race lead. Target Ganassi cars held the lead, others moved toward the front, and others stayed at the back. Nowhere to be seen for almost the entire race, the always beloved Danica Patrick. After getting her only real camera time of the day as she was being lapped, Danica somehow ended up in the top ten if I remember correctly. If you end up a lap down, no need for me to actually go out and figure out where she actually finished in the race.

The IZOD Indy Car Series takes a couple of weeks off and returns over the Fourth of July weekend at Watkin’s Glen.

On to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Infinion Raceway in Sonoma, California. Oh, where to start with this one. Last week I lambasted road course racing. Normally I cannot stand road course racing, generally follow the leader with a lot space in between the cars with little to no passing. As I watched the race, I realized why I like the good old boys racing on a track that features right turns as well. The stock cars can beat and bang around the turns and the entire track. Open wheel road racing does not feature cars ramming each other through the turn. If that occurs in those series, the cars are out of the race. Aggressiveness seems to be part of the stock cars going through the road course and brings a little bit more excitement compared to the other series.

As the race progressed, one driver seemed to get a little twisted on the track. Normally we would think of this being a Tony Stewart, Kyle Bush, or even Robby Gordon, but not this week. The mild mannered, usually only complaining about others who have taken him out, Jeff Gordon got possessed by the not going to race like a nice guy gods. In one lap alone, Gordon took out at least two other cars. He also took out Martin Truex Jr. which brought out a caution. This caused Martin Truex to start at the back of the field and he ended up wrecking out on the restart in the big wreck near the start finish line. This wreck really started at the front of the field when some of the leaders spun their tires causing the back end of the field to barrel into a big wad of destroyed sheet metal. It was quite the Talladega wreck on a road course. Overall, it was nice to see Gordon get some plums and knock someone else out of the way for a change. It was also nice to see him hit someone else other than Matt Kenseth. By the way, he did say he expects to receive payback for the Truex incident in the future. Bristol is coming August!

On the bottom side of the world they must teach their drivers in some strange manner on how to save fuel in the car. It is widely known in the Cup series that you cut the engine off and coast on the track when you are going to be close on fuel. Marcose Ambrose did one of the stupidest things I have seen in a race ever. Please explain to me why you would cut off engine to the car when you are going to be coasting uphill. Let me type that again in case you read over it quickly, coasting uphill. I understand downhill, but uphill? Marcose ends up not being able to restart his car and drops back to seventh. He gets the car started and runs back to the front of the field retaking his spot. NASCAR officials say not so fast, you did not maintain the pace car’s speed. Marcose is sent back to seventh, and gives away what was probably going to be a sure win for Michael Waltrip Racing. For this, Marcose has secured his spot next Carl Edwards for the dumbest move of the season. Edwards gets the nod for trying to kill Jamie McMurray at Atlanta Motor Speedway earlier this Spring.

In the end, the evil empire of Jimmie Johnson won the race. Start the sounds of Darth Vader and the Imperial March as he took his victory lap. All credit to Jimmie, he kept the car clean all day and kept his strategy intact for the entire race. He deserved the victory, I am just tired of seeing the Lowe’s machine in victory lane. Okay, I know it has been weeks since he has won a race, but I am still tired of seeing him win. I would say this if he had not won a race for two or three straight years.

The wine and cheese race for the NASCAR series is over for another year. We can get back to the hops and barley crowd we are used to seeing starting next week. We get an added bonus as well in the Nationwide Series next week as well. Danica Patrick makes her, in what will be an overhyped week, return to the series. Flat track of New Hampshire Motor Speedway will be the site of the next Go Daddy Nationwide car to be unnecessarily destroyed along the wall. Who will have the front bite to win the Cup race. Who knows, but would not be surprised to see Baby Joey Logano somehow involved in the mix in some way. He was absent for almost the entire race this week as well. That was until the end when they showed him pulling off the track somewhere with some unknown problem with the car. Probably had to stop and call his dad to make sure there was gas money waiting for him in the pits to complete the race.

Until next week, be sure to sign the board when hit four in a row.

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