A lot has transpired since the races on Sunday; here we go with some observations and goings on in the world of NASCAR and the IZOD Indy Car Series.

Let’s start with Danica Patrick who will be piloting the Go Daddy Chevrolet for JR Motorsports this week in the New England 200 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. In my article posted on Monday evening, I referenced the fact, and it has become fact, that Danica would be overhyped for her return to the Nationwide Series. Well, the internet has not disappointed.

If you have read the articles on troubleinturntwo.com over the last couple of weeks, you know that I refer to Joey Logano as Baby Joey. I now have a name for Danica to use going forward. Danica will now be known as Her Danicaship. I will not take credit for creating this name. I actually read the name in an article that was from a newspaper in Toronto. I wish I would have saved the link, but I did not. Thanks to that writer in that newspaper for giving her a very well deserved name.

UPDATE  The Toronto Sun “coined” the phrase  “Her Danicaship” at http://www.torontosun.com/sports/autos/2010/06/22/14483411.html

Let’s take Her Danicaship for face value. First I read another article that said she has turned her season around in the IZOD Indy Car Series because she has had three top ten finishes in row. I will give Her Danicaship credit for the run that she put together in the Firestone 550K at Texas Motor Speedway. Now her other runs were by fortune per say. The fortune Her Danicaship has received is via other drivers having bad luck during the race. With all that aside, when will sponsors and the racing world wake up to the fact that Her Danicaship is the most overrated driver on the track? Okay, we can debate another day about Dale Earnhardt Jr., but that is saved for another day. Her Danicaship will get behind the big heavy stockcar this weekend, and will eventually drive it into the wall. In words of Dave, after the wreck it will be everyone’s fault with the exception of Her Danicaship.

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway has reported that they have sold around 30% more tickets for the race than last year because she is involved. I will have to be involved as well. Normally I do not really watch the Nationwide race. This week, I will actually have to watch the entire thing to see what happens. If you are attending the race, please save your money and refrain from visiting her hauler for any souvenirs.

We should also see this weekend a major announcement from the New Hampshire Motor Speedway regarding an addition to a schedule. Reports are that the IZOD Indy Car Series will announce this weekend that they are adding Loudon to their schedule starting next year. This will be a great addition to the IZOD Indy Car Series next season. The good news, next year we will be reminded of Her Danicaship when they replay over and over during the coverage next year of the new race of the Go Daddy car being destroyed all over the turn two safer barrier.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup series will do its work this week at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway as well in the Lenox Industrial Tools 301. Yes, 301 miles and not 300. Gotta love the gimmick of that extra mile added to the race. So who is going to win this race on Sunday. I have three picks for the race this week. My picks are the evil empire that is known as Jimmie Johnson, The Miller Lite beer can of one Kurt Busch, or Baby Joey Logano. Baby Joey has a reasonable chance to win this race. He won this one last year for his only win in the Sprint Cup series. Now, it was a rain shortened race, but you still have to be good to win in the Cup series. Some other guys that will have good runs, just not good enough to take the checkered flag will include Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, and Mark Martin. My wild card pick for the race, a wild card being someone having a good run you would not expect, is Scott Speed.

A couple of quick tidbits you or may have not seen before checking out until after the race on Sunday. This fall you will be able to run the Mello Yellow car in a video game. To bring you back to an easier time, Days of Thunder will be released as a video game. The game is basically just a NASCAR racing game with the characters and cars from the movie. Randy LaJoie has been suspended by NASCAR for testing positive for drugs. Let’s face it, no one really cares about the fact that LaJoie has been suspended. Not even sure myself if he is even running a car. Oh yeah, he is not. He applied for a spotter’s license and the whiz test came back bad. Kyle Busch will run the pink Kitten and Baby Seal Toyota later this season in the Nationwide series. Yes, this is the car they show with the little girl in the commercial for the design your own car website. Cannot wait to see that, and I am sure that will probably be the best selling die cast of the year. A stock Ford Mustang ran 1,457 laps on one tank of gas at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Basically this was a huge gimmick by Ford to show all of us the great fuel efficiency of the Mustang. Kind of neat that they did that, the only problem was that the driving done in the demonstration was nothing like what you would experience out in the wild.

Enjoy the weekend!

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