Well, another week of racing is over. Let’s start with the week that was in the Busch, oh sorry about old habits dying hard, Nation Wide Series. Baby Joey Logano was able to continue his mastery at the Kentucky Motor Speedway. Who really cares how many he was won straight there, it is just fact that he won again. I kind of wonder what the race would have been like if Kevin Harvick would have been in the race. Kind of think the Mario car might have had some Kentucky Bluegrass paint from the walls on it.

Before I get to Cup, I have to rant about Formula One, or as it was said better in Talladega Nights Formula Une. Prior to the Cup race starting on Sunday, I noticed the Formula Une race was on the local Fox channel. I tuned in for a minute and was reminded was there was no reason to watch Formula Une. Absolutely nothing was happening. Large gaps between the cars, something about different tires, and all the cars could go the entire race without filling up with gas. Now I am a racing fan, but when it comes to road course racing, just not very excited about the whole deal, especially Formula Une. Yes, I do understand the irony that the Cup series will be on a road course this week.

On to the Cup race at Michigan. For the most part, not much too see here. The race was boring. Not a whole lot of passing at the front, but there were some good battles in the pack. If you were at the race, it probably was exciting to see. The problem with racing on TV is that they focus on the big names at the front, and that is really it. In the end, Denny Hamlin piloted his car to the front and won the race. Steve Letarte must have read the blog from last week and figured out to make Jeff Gordon’s car run decent the entire race. Good run for the #24 National Guard Dupont Nicorrette Chevrolet.

Since Baby Joey and Daddy Logano provided no fireworks, and no one else did as well, I have to go after the sponsor for race. Really it was more the name of the race. The Helluva Good Sour Cream Dips 400. I have no problem with sour cream, the stuff is actually not for me, but if you enjoy it more power to you. I am sure the marketing depart at Helluva Good products or whatever their name has a good reason for investing money into sponsoring a race. Since they were good enough to sponsor the race and make me scratch my head, here is my list of five race sponsorships that should occur, and why it makes sense to sponsor a NASCAR race:

5. Cuisenart 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. It already looks like a blender with all the cars on The World’s Fastest Half Mile, why not get a top of line kitchen products producer to sponsor the race.

4. Mother Nature 500 at Pocono. You already have to gear yourself up for 490 miles of boring racing at Pocono, yet it always seems to rain there. Why not have Mother Nature herself as the presenting sponsorship.

3.  Billy Bob’s 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. The world’s most famous honky tonk located in Ft. Worth can lend their name to sponsoring a race. Seems like a good fit and ringer to me.

2. Please Help Our State Avoid Bankruptcy Illinois 400 at Chicagoland Speedway. Let the NASCAR fans know that your state needs help and their tourism dollars will go far to help a state down on its financial luck. (You may substitute any other state or local government in financial ruin)

And finally:

1.       Boon’s Farm Malt Liquor 350 at Infineon Raceway. Oh yes, your bet ya. Show those snobby wine people in California what should really be drunk at the race.

Strange little list for fun.

Be sure to catch the IZOD Indy Racing League early on Sunday at Iowa before watching the Sprint Cup Series later in the day. Fun day of racing coming up at the conclusion of the week.

As always, great tailgates and good corn holing.

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