A Losing Effort

June 15, 2009
by Lee

I have to hand it to Dave. He thoroughly pasted my rear end all over the Corn Hole courts during the 500 weekend. No amount of smack talk could save me. I started down a full series after the first day, and Saturday got no better. I ended up losing 7 series to none.

That is correct, zippo, notta, doughnut hole, goose egg, gotta nothing to show for it.

So where do I go from here. I have to say I am getting ready for the 400 weekend. A little more than a month away from now. I have not expectations of taking the title for that weekend. My goal is to simply win a series and build from there. If a miracle were to happen and I won it, then great. I do not see that happening. I had a good time though, and look forward to the next time.

I will be updating the scores over the next few days and adding in some pictures to the pictures page. Alan has some additional videos that will be added very soon. As a teaser, there is a great advertisement video for the website that includes a nun in the background. You all will love it.

A good time was had by all, and we all look forward to next one. On a side note, congrats to David as well for being the first to hole four in an inning and signing the board. Then only bright spot for me during the weekend of game play, was signing the board after Dave had done when I holed four straight. Only problem, I put the wrong date down on the board and had to do some “art” work to fix it. And I was not even drinking any beer at the time.

More to come very soon!!!!

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