Less than 48 hours until the Vue rolls out of Knoxville for the land of Corn!

Dave continues to contend that he has this little competition in the bag this year. I pose a question to my good friend then. Where are his posts on this very website dedicated to our battle? Perhaps Dave is secretly practicing. Perhaps Dave is watching reruns of Chinese Table Tennis. The fact is that I will be there soon. There will be no where to hide. The bags will rain down through the hole. I will score more points over and over. Dave will blink, and then he will wonder how he is down three series to none. What is the secret weapon Dave? Perhaps that is nothing as well. Serving time approaches. The party for winning the championship will last long into the night.

On to the race itself. Interesting qualifying sessions this year. It was nice to see the IRL finally get all the rounds in. The best cars are in the show, and based on the speeds, it will be very competitive. I just hope Dave does not cry when Danica destroys a perfectly good race car against the Turn 4 wall.

Guitar Hero, movies, frosty beverages, tailgate food, and lord knows what else awaits for the upcoming weekend. The hours cannot go by fast enough. Once again Dave, the Pain Train is getting ready to leave the station!

On a more serious note for just a moment. Please take a moment to thank a veteran this weekend, and pause for those who did not make it back. It is those men and women who have fought, continue to fight, and gave the ultimate sacrifice that allow us to have a fun little site like this one. Even though the Federal Government did stop by to take a look around one day, we are all fortunate to live in this country!

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